Alys Williams
Founding Director
William Noel Clarke
Oliver-Michael Rechnitz
Communications and Gallery Assistant, London
Sergio Rojas
Gallery Assistant, Basel
Chris Bayley
Associate Curator, London
Katherine Murray
Managing Consultant

VITRINE is focused on artistic experimentation and emerging interdisciplinary practices. The gallery was founded in 2012, from a project space, in Bermondsey, London. In 2016, a second space in Basel opened and a third space in London’s Fitzrovia in Spring 2022. We ran a digital space from 2020-2023. Over this decade, we have established a reputation as a selector and nurturer of new talent, supporting artists’ careers and the development of their ideas.

Our programme is focused on interdisciplinary approaches in a variety of media, concentrating on artists working in installation, sculpture and performance. We are committed to supporting experimental practices that flourish site-responsively, in alternative environments to the traditional white cube, and that are often underrepresented in the art market. Our online exhibition space VITRINE Digital enabled us to further engage with new media as a defining medium of contemporary art.

Our spaces in Bermondsey and Basel are transparent: In Bermondsey, glass windows cover the entire 16-metre-long, panoramic space; In Basel, our space – custom designed by Swiss architects PanteraPantera - offers a 360 degree ‘in-the-round’ viewing experience. This transparent architecture allows all exhibitions to be viewable 24/7 from the surrounding public squares, and are wheelchair accessible. Our Fitzrovia space is a more conventional gallery space. Glass remains a defining feature of the architecture, with windows flanking a ground floor exhibition space. We further our programme through international satellite exhibitions, gallery collaborations and art fairs.

Please note that due to the nature of the spaces and their location on busy public squares, there are events that may affect your viewing experience of our exhibitions: Bermondsey Square Antique Market every Friday, 6am - 2pm (VITRINE Bermondsey); St Johanns Market on Vogesenplatz every Saturday, 8am - 6.30pm (VITRINE Basel)

Our business model is a hybrid. We operate an expanding commercial gallery; representing a core group of artists and advising international clients. Our experience is principally in the primary market and notably with institutions, foundations and outdoor sculpture projects, mirroring the ambition and experimental commitment of the programme. Our work in the public realm and commitment to supporting artists with ambitious experimental exhibitions has allowed us access to public and private funding, which we have carefully used over our history for specific large-scale projects. We founded the Sculpture At commissioning programme (2014-18) and have an extensive portfolio of producing outdoor sculpture in both public and private space.

Our Collaborations with peer galleries are integral to our ethos, which is commitment to exploring growth through new modes of operating. These activities open dialogues with like-minded international peers and allow an exchange of creativity and resources, a broadening of collective networks, and they promote sustainability.

VITRINE is a member of the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA).

VITRINE is a member of the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC).

Our aim since foundation ten years ago, has been to capture a sense of the diversity of emerging contemporary art practices and to disseminate this to the widest audience. At the heart of our activity is an unwavering commitment to nurturing artists through exhibition-making and representation; supporting entry to the international art market and creating a platform for artistic experimentation.

- Alys Williams, VITRINE Founding Director, 2020

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