How to Build a Collection with £800 | An interview with Frank Krikhaar

January 29, 2022
How to Build a Collection with £800 | An interview with Frank Krikhaar

VITRINE's new series, “How to Build a Collection,'' interviews collectors about their collecting goals and priorities to share with our network. VITRINE is committed to fostering a dialogue with new and existing collectors, and we encourage transparency in the discussion of budgets and interests.

For our second edition, we spoke with Frank Krikhaar - an advocate for emerging artists based in London - about  his commitment to supporting artists' practices. His collection includes works by Jamie Fitzpatrick, Kara Chin, Milly Peck, Tarek Lakhrissi, and Charlie Godet Thomas, both unique works and pieces from our VITRINE Editions.

VITRINE: What is one of your favourite works that you have purchased within £800, and why?

Frank Krikhaar: One of my favourite works of art of the past year is Jamie Fitzpatrick’s ’Sketch for a Broken Monument 1’ (2020). It’s a dynamic and playful work on paper that taps into the artist’s sculptural practice. Through his bold use of colour and humour he questions what a monument means to us: whom do we commemorate and what does that say about us?

I also enjoy finding work from Editions series, such as VITRINE Editions. One of my favourite acquired edition works from this series of the past year is René Matic: Destination/Departure (2020). It is an arresting image: a photograph of the unclothed back of the artist. We see their new tattoo, which reads ‘Born British, Die British’, traditionally donned by far-right, white skinheads. The artist, whom Vitrine (London) gave their first solo show in 2021, explodes the myth of ‘a pure and unadulterated’ Britishness as something unattainable for a queer Black womxn.

V: What is most important to you when buying an artwork?

F: Alongside the all-important price considerations, the most important role for me is the artist’s practice. Who is the artist and where do they get inspiration? How do works start and which themes are explored? Which artistic community is the artist part of? For me, these are important elements that add to my enjoyment of the works of art.

V: How does the role of a gallery assist in your research before buying an artwork?

F: For me, the gallery plays an important role before buying a work. They are my primary way of discovering new artistic practices. Galleries are able to introduce me to artists and learn about their work in context. Working with and learning from them I expand my knowledge and that often leads to buying work.

V: Where is an unexpected or surprising place that you have installed an artwork?

F: I enjoy living surrounded by works of art. Unfortunately I can’t have them all displayed all the time, because it would be too busy and too much. So the most unexpected places you’ll find some of my works of art are not in my house but somewhere else. For instance, there are some fantastic works in my godson’s home! I enjoy seeing them there when I visit.

V: What is your advice for someone who is new to collecting artwork?

F: The one thing I’ve learnt is that everyone approaches buying art differently. My main advice is that you have to figure out what makes you tick. Are aesthetics important to you - how a work looks? Or is it more about the connection you feel with the artist? It takes a while to figure that out. Take your time and discover what works for you. Read the Apollo (International Art Magazine) every month, which features a collector and their collection. Galleries know many collectors and perhaps they can introduce you to others. Buy what you want; don’t get too specific too soon; and enjoy the ride.

Lead Image: Portrait of Frank Krikhaar

The selection of images below are available works from VITRINE within a budget up to £800:

Kara Chin, Kitchen Sink, 2020. Glazed ceramic. 22 x 15 x 2 cm. Unique.
Jamie Fitzpatrick, Sketch for a Broken Monument 23, 2020. Photocopy, oil bar and charcoal on paper. 42 x 29.5 cm. Unique.

Charlie Godet Thomas, Study for Sold Down the River, 2020. Acrylic on paper. 29.7 x 22.5 cm. Unique.

Ludovica Gioscia, Lunar Eclipse, 2017. Resin, custom screenprinted wallpaper, plaster,acrylic paint, make-up, paper. 25 x 10 x 10 cm. Unique.

Milly Peck, Portrait, 2020. Coloured pencil on acid free smooth drawing paper 96gsm. 29 x 21 cm. Unique.

Rene Matić, Destination/Departure, 2020. C-Type print. Photographed by Derek Ridgers. 42 x 29.7 cm. Edition of 50 (+2AP).

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