Tarek Lakhrissi Film Screening

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9:00 am
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Screening of Tarek Lakhrissi's films 'Hard to Love' (2017), 'Out of the Blue' (2019) and 'Spiraling' (2021) in conjunction with VITRINE's presentation of the artist at Liste Showtime 2021.

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'Spiraling' (2021) - spelt with one L - is Tarek Lakhrissi’s most recent film work produced during May 2021 with Haus der Kunst, Munich, DE in collaboration with Shedhalle, Zürich, CH. The video features queer activist pole dancer Mila Furie performing a routine on a pole in which the spiral is a regular action set in the middle of the authoritarian architecture of one of Haus der Kunst’s galleries. Lakhrissi considers the spiral to be a positive and meditative movement that enables someone to twist and adapt to a situation in which someone feels lost, weary or uncomfortable socially.

'Out of the Blue' (2019) is Tarek Lakhrissi's most significant film work to date, commissioned and first exhibited at La Galerie CAC, Noisy-Le-Sec, FR. It is a Science Fiction short film that takes place at a radical moment in time when our politically conservative era is suddenly at a threat and coming to an end because of an alien invasion. The invasion begins with the kidnapping all the CEOs of large corporations whilst sparing of the most vulnerable in society to create a liberation of existence under capitalism.

'Hard to Love' (2017) is the first experimental video directed by Tarek Lakhrissi. The video is a visual poem about languages, words and love, reflecting on the hard relationship between a lover and three different languages: French, English and Arabic. By interweaving these languages, Lakhrissi takes a wandering through the literature that he writes and performs. Quoting Cedric Fauq "the integration, we learn with Tarek Lakhrissi, is also the condition of feeling unable to be desired, to be loved, ultimately asking: How does one escape the stigma of colonialism and xenophobia when it comes to loving someone, being loved, and loving oneself? Hard to Love suggests that exhausting the language of the oppressor might be a possible exit."

Approximate runtime: 25 minutes.

Played on every half hour

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