VITRINE represents Kara Chin

August 1, 2020
VITRINE represents Kara Chin

VITRINE represents British-Singaporean artist Kara Chin.

Kara Chin is a British-Singaporean artist working across animation, ceramics, and installation. Her work inquires into the implications of fast evolving technologies, such as its ethical conundrums and potential consequences of developing robotics and artificial intelligence within the present and future.

Kara Chin's combines transhumanist and nonhuman perspectives into fictional narratives, drawing theorists such as Sherry Turkle, Mark Fisher, Carrie Heeter, Thomas Metzinger, Donna Harroway, Hans Moravic and Nick Bostrom, to often humorously suggest ways new technologies assimilate into the everyday working and domestic environments.

Her often chaotic installations combine kinetic and robotic components with sound and natural elements  such as water and ‘horticultural material’ to combine the organic and synthetic. Their Anthropomorphic features and moving elements are used to transform sculptures into animated creatures through which to empathise and examine individual experiences within these imagined future scenarios.

Recently, Chin has been researching the relationship between technology and hauntology. She is interested in ’digital manifestations’ which she considers as “the most deceptively real 'non-real’ things” and how technology can exacerbate and facilitate being haunted by the future. This has lead to a recent series of animations in which technology is paranormally haunting in an attempt to rationalise the behaviour of machines we increasingly do not understand.

Visit their artist page for more information and images. If you would like to receive a portfolio of available works, please email:

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