Tarek Lakhrissi at Shedhalle, Zürich, CH

September 16, 2022
Tarek Lakhrissi at Shedhalle, Zürich, CH

Tarek Lakhrissi exhibits in 'Protozone8: QUEER TRUST' at Shedhalle, Zürich, CH, running from 16 September until 4 December 2022.

Lakhrissi presents his installation 'A horn is a thorn is a horn' (2021) is made up of 20 individual sculptures and 6 poly carbonate poetry plates. The work is "inspired by roses, thorns, horniness and desire, as a system of self-defence and poetry as a way to reclaim a genealogy with queer Arab brothers and lovers."

Protozone8: QUEER TRUST presents artistic practices and works based on what we define as QUEER TRUST. At the center lies the idea of trust in oneself and others, even if the desires, identities, working methods, or visions at stake lie beyond common blueprints and keep on shifting in the in-between. QUEER TRUST asks how these works and practices operate and function on an individual level, as well as in a social and institutional context. Be it as a means of critique, as a subversive tool, but also as the basis of new alliances.

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