Sam Porritt at Kunsthalle Zürich, CH

May 26, 2020
Sam Porritt at Kunsthalle Zürich, CH

Sam Porritt exhibits in the group show 'Summer of Suspense' at Kunsthalle Zürich, CH until 13 September 2020.

Sam Porritt presents his kinetic work 'Rise and Fall' (2015), in which a rubber ball attached to a string is dropped onto the floor from a device constructed by the artist installed on the ceiling.

"'Summer of Suspense' is an experiment – as most days, of late, have been – in alternative forms of getting together. 43 local artists slowly develop a show that accumulates over seven weeks. Three days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) two artists come to Kunsthalle Zürich to install, perform or present a work, with a toast at 6 p.m. for those who stop by. After seven weeks, all 43 works stay on view from the 12 July until the 30th of August, around which time a new season and sentiment might be afoot.

Curated by Daniel Baumann and Matthew Hanson"

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