Sam Porritt at Villa Bernasconi, Geneva, CH

October 22, 2022
Sam Porritt at Villa Bernasconi, Geneva, CH

Sam Porritt exhibits in 'Patterns and Order' at Villa Bernasconi, Geneva, CH, 22 October until 11 December 2022.

"The motif is a recurring element among the guest artists, who treat it through different supports and mediums. Grids and fences, architectural fragments and ornaments, presented in the form of prints, drawings, sculptures or constructions, seem to respond to an existing order. On closer inspection, this system of references is disturbed, destabilised by an underlying reality that emerges as a dissonance between the first impression and the meanings induced by the works. These subtle disturbances give the word order the notion of given order which here reflects a physical or moral, individual or social constraint." - Translated from French to English.

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