Sam Porritt at Last Tango, Zurich, CH

January 20, 2024
Sam Porritt at Last Tango, Zurich, CH

Sam Porritt will be exhibiting in a duo show with Francesco Cagnin titled 'Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best' at Last Tango, Zurich, from 16 February - 27 April 2024.

Francesco Cagnin and Sam Porritt are bent on understanding meaning-making and investigating thought systems be it the sociology of culture (agency, ethics, everyday life) or topics related to semiotics (how meaning is created and how meaning is communicated). For the upcoming exhibition Cagnin is interested in doing so through an articulation on the privileged and safeguarded life, exploring word play, the grid, and the cause-and-effect scenarios of the “Schadenskittzen” advertisements by die Mobiliar. Porritt is ongoingly absorbed by the individual or collective will to engage and what it takes to raise a voice against all odds. Testing the limits of the sensical, Porritt has been examining the attention-grabbing potential of the graphical symbol of the arrow. Triggering thoughts on rationality, order and truth, the exhibition points our attention to language and logics of perception with the artists sensing and scrutinizing in each their own idiosyncratic ways.

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