Nicole Bachmann and Sam Porritt at Art Forum Baloise Park, Basel, CH

June 14, 2023
Nicole Bachmann and Sam Porritt at Art Forum Baloise Park, Basel, CH

Nicole Bachmann and Sam Porritt will exhibit in 'Siren Songs / Sinister Sirens' at Art Forum Baloise Park, Basel, CH, opening over Art Basel week 2023 on Thursday 15 June 2023.

'Siren Songs / Sinister Sirens' is an exhibition that explores human agency and the ethics that surround truth, accountability and commitment in thought-provoking ways. Understood as our adaptive capacity to engage and deal with the pressing realities that surround us, human agency is widely thought as a potential propulsor for social and environmental change. We are interested in language as a marker of agency and the multifarious ways that language can impact us, through its multiplicity, its unruliness, it’s resounding ways. Ideas are performed through language and it is language that allows these ideas to be spread to others. Language plays an important argumentative role in the way in which we act on beliefs and intentions. To what degree do we feel that we are an agent in making a difference? How conditioned are we by “structuring structures”? (Bourdieu, 1977) What hinders us in acting rightfully? Are we sure this is rightful? How does agency differ from society to society? Can non-human entities practice agency? Does agency have to be intentional and effective? This exhibition brings together seven positions who through the use of language, be it textually, choreographically, bodily or symbolically engage with the topic of agency, morality, individual idiosyncratic reflection and creative action.

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