Milly Peck at Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, UK

May 14, 2022
Milly Peck at Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, UK

Milly Peck exhibits in the 6th Edition of Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, UK, running from 14 May - 1 October 2022.

Peck presents 2 new outdoor sculptures 'Feeding Folly I' and 'Feeding Folly II', which uses the form of a bird feeder stand, a common feature of the suburban garden, as a vehicle for miniaturised building facades, which sit somewhere between abstracted stage-flat maquettes and impossible architectural models. Influenced by drawings of residential buildings produced on a recent residency undertaken by the artist at The British School at Rome, the sculptures parody the obscure trend within the aristocracy of fifteenth and sixteenth century England to commission ornate birdcages mimicking architecture of the time seen within buildings such as castles, abbeys and cathedrals in Doric, Ionic and Gothic style. Historically, the designs were often to the detriment to the health of the birds themselves, but in this instance, feeding birds harmlessly become unwitting actors for these stage-like facades.

"For the 6th Edition of Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer we once again present a Spring to Autumn survey exhibition highlighting the work of exceptional contemporary sculptors, from emerging talents to more established names. As with each year, we work with a few artists to develop their first outdoor works as well as working closely with all of the sculptors, encouraging them to challenge the preconceptions of sculpture in the landscape. This year we have artists working across media and disciplines, from the familiar to the surprising, incorporating sound installation, conceptual works and even painting. "

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