Mamali Shafahi at Garage Rotterdam, NL

February 4, 2023
Mamali Shafahi at Garage Rotterdam, NL

Mamali Shafahi exhibits as part of 'Screen, Screen on my Phone, Who's the Fairest of Them All?' at Garage Rotterdam, NL, running from 4 February until 9 April 2023.⁠The exhibition develops technological evolutions that create alternative possibilities to transform, embellish or adapt ourselves. In the pursuit of self-knowledge we chase self-image, and become the protagonists of our own fantasies. At each step of this evolution new fables have emerged. Mamali Shafahi’s work contains a deep fascination for the impact of emerging technology on life and art. Shafahi’s concern is that new generations are losing ties with the magical past of traditional cultures and that technology is diminishing our interest in myth and legend. Inspired by his own culture, Persian fables present animals as protagonists. Shafahi employs such animal iconography (gorillas, snakes, scorpions) for each culture to create its own symbolic reading. With these puzzling, frightening, violent, and yet playful situations, the artist connects ancient fables with the cartoons and video games that have shaped the imagination of children in the 20th century.⁠

Garage Rotterdam is a medium-sized exhibition centre for contemporary art in the city centre of Rotterdam. Founded in 2011, it is housed in a unique 500m2 building which used to function as a Volkswagen Garage, but has been transformed into a dynamic non-profit art centre with coffee-corner under the leadership of architect Remy Meijers. By organising four qualitative art exhibitions yearly, Garage Rotterdam connects local Rotterdam-based artists with established names from the international art scene, therefore creating a platform for upcoming and established artists and curators.

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