Ludovica Gioscia at Fondazione MACC, Calasetta, IT

April 10, 2022
Ludovica Gioscia at Fondazione MACC, Calasetta, IT

Ludovica Gioscia exhibits in 'From The Windows Of My Studio You Can See The Sea' at Fondazione MACC, Calasetta, IT, running from 10 April until 26 June 2022.

Gioscia will be presenting a new site specific installation 'Ramadura Marina' (2022) in dialogue with the archive of the late artist Lalla Lussu. The show takes its title from one of Lussu’s vibrant watercolours 'Dalle finestre del mio studio si vede il mare' (You can see the sea from my studio’s windows). The show is curated by Fondazione MACC’s director, Efisio Carbone, who poetically brings together a selection of dynamic and vibrant watercolours from Lussu’s archive and Gioscia installation. The latter is formed from an experiential archive of sea-related materials and emotions, such as the feelings we experience on witnessing a sunset, enshrined between layers of translucent fabrics. The hanging textiles cascade into a stream of organic materials and minerals borrowed from the local beaches. At the end of the show anything that has been lent by the landscape will be carefully restored back to where it belongs.

"Fondazione MACC is pleased to present 'From The Windows Of My Studio You Can See The Sea', an exhibition curated by Efisio Carbone, dedicated to the works of two artists - Ludovica Gioscia (Rome, 1977) and Lalla Lussu (Cagliari, 1953-2020) - where absolute and present time intertwine in the delicate wefts of a warp made up of a series of watercolours, tapestries and a site specific installation.

Archiving, cataloging, taking care are the key concepts of an ideal dialogue between the artistic research of Gioscia and the corpus of works left by the family of Lussu in temporary deposit at the MACC Foundation which, in collaboration with the University of Cagliari, the MUECC and with the contribution of the Banco di Sardegna Foundation and the Frem Group, is preparing the cataloging.

If on the one hand the exhibition project aims to stimulate a reflection on the conservation of artist archives, often left to the sole responsibility of the heirs, without the right scientific and economic support for their conservation and enhancement, the exhibition is proposed as an action poetics where the archival material of Lussu, composed of paintings, drawings on paper and on canvas, fabrics and various notebooks, is reinterpreted in the dialogue with the works of Gioscia. A similar song, due to the assonance of shapes, colours and materials, that the Italian artist based in London, not new to the call of Sardinia and its ancestral charm, expresses through an installation entitled Ramadura Marina: a cascade of vertical fabrics and translucent which, like nets thrown into the sea, collect elements ideally coming from marine flora and fauna; while on the ground an expanse of natural elements borrowed from Calasetta beaches constitute those 'proofs of existence' of the passage on the island of Gioscia, its temporary archive which at the end of the exhibition will be returned to the landscape.

"When the artist connects with a territory, she constitutes an archive of elements, poetic finds variously cataloged, which are the plot of the story on which to sew diversified emotions" says Efisio Carbone and adds "care and protection are in the strings of both artists who look to nature, always with deep respect and renewed amazement ". Titling the installation Ramadura Marina, Gioscia pays homage to "sa Ramadura", the sacred rite handed down in Sardinia of votive inflorescences and wonderfully vital watercolours by Lussu, autonomous and fragile to preserve and enhance."

Translated from Italian

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