Kara Chin at ArtScience Museum, Singapore

October 21, 2023
Kara Chin at ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Kara Chin exhibits in 'New Eden' at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore, running from 21 October 2023 until 3 March 2023.

Chin will present her film 'Awakening Ceremony' (2021), the artist's longest and most significant animation to date. 'Awakening Ceremony' depicts a fictional future robot ceremony, in which fictional defunct domestic cleaning robots deployed at the company 'Alcor', a cryogenic 'Life Preservation' centre', develop their own religious practice while waiting for the rebirth of frozen transhumanists. Reflecting on the confused, commercial messaging around wellness practices and products, the robot's 'awakening' ceremony is based on a confusion around the word 'urn'; a vessel of human remains or a large coffee dispenser generally seen in corporate waiting rooms. In the ceremony the robots attempt to concoct the ultimate coffee, filled with various nootropics and supplements, in the hopes that it might awaken all the sleeping transhumanists.

"'New Eden: Science Fiction Mythologies Transformed is a contemporary art exhibition that shows how women artists and collectives from Asia are addressing science fiction, dream worlds and fantastical realities in their work. Featuring artworks, artefacts, Hollywood and Asian films, this exhibition offers visitors a unique journey through time and space to uncover fascinating realms and strange lifeforms. It expands on Western science fiction paradigms such as parallel worlds and interstellar travel, whilst exploring Asian mythologies and philosophies – including hybridity, mysticism, moving beyond humanity’s corporeal limitations, and the enduring fantasy of an other-worldly paradise."

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