Jamie Fitzpatrick at Galerie de Rohan, Landerneau, FR

June 22, 2023
Jamie Fitzpatrick at Galerie de Rohan, Landerneau, FR

Jamie Fitzpatrick exhibits in the group show 'Sunset' at Galerie de Rohan, Landerneau, FR, running from 23 June - 5 November 2023.

Fitzpatrick presents a new, large-scale sculpture made in a similar vein to the works presented in his recent solo show at VITRINE Fitzrovia. The work 'Why can't you show some self control, you greedy fuck' (2023) depicts a naked figure - modelled after the artist, but based on the ancient mythical figure and motif of the Woodwose that appears in medieval European art and literature who is characterised by its wildness - on all fours with a hare in its mouth.

"In the absence of a precise definition, the word “cool” can take on different meanings. Often limited to the use that everyone makes of it in their personal vocabulary; it is considered the indifferent art of touching life. However, it encompasses several specific phenomena which give it a particular sensitivity vis-à-vis the world around it (a distinctive style, a feigned indifference, a challenge to conventions, an attention to contemporary issues, etc.).

This is why the first intention of this exhibition is to go in pursuit of the "cool" by inviting artists and works that will allow us to question it. This deliberately heterogeneous collection tries to circumscribe certain contours without ever fixing them for fear of deviating from them instantly.

Through 10 artists, coming from different backgrounds and countriesSunset' is a proposal, a beginning of cool rather than a strict definition. It is an attempt to approach art and works through the prism of our perceptions, our attitudes and our habits towards them. The cool is a snapshot that constantly allows us to recompose and redraw our world or to fail in this attempt."

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