Charlie Godet Thomas at the 2022 Bermuda Biennial

June 11, 2022
Charlie Godet Thomas at the 2022 Bermuda Biennial

Charlie Godet Thomas exhibits in the 2022 Bermuda Biennial at the Bermuda National Gallery, running from 11 June – December 2022.

Thomas will present his work 'Downpour Dream Song' (2021), a collage of written and visual elements on newsprint which circulate one another in a cartoon-strip-like grid. The work considers intersecting ideas around themes of alcoholism, falls from grace and Modernist literary history. Downpour Dream Song also touches on more contemporary challenges that we face both globally and individually, this is best illustrated by the poem which underpins the work, the text of which uses a different school of dance (Clog, Line, Morris &c) to begin each stanza. As a whole, the text can be read as both a kind of modern dance, or perhaps, as a Dance Macabre. The title of this work makes reference to John Berryman's The Dream Songs. 

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