Charlie Godet Thomas at Material Vol. 8, Mexico City, MX

April 28, 2022
Charlie Godet Thomas at Material Vol. 8, Mexico City, MX

Charlie Godet Thomas commission at Material Vol. 8, Mexico City, MX, running from April 28 - May 1 2022.

Charlie Godet Thomas’ 'Incomplete and Incompetent' (2022) is an intervention commissioned by Material Art Fair 2022, Mexico City, MX. The work is a continuation of a series which Thomas refers to as“Incidental Poems”, The series is underpinned by a common thread, in that they all make use of seemingly broken or unfinished commercial signage. The signage is incomplete in a way which purposefully undermines its original purpose. The Incidental Poems series is a good example of Thomas’ ongoing development of what he calls a “poetry of maximum economy”.

'Incomplete and Incompetent' (2022), appropriates, shifts and re-situates the language and imagery used by 24-hour stores and amenities. There is a nostalgic quality to the signage, which is perhaps less and less common in cities, but our will to have access to goods at all times has not diminished but increased through our use of online shopping and distribution, despite the impact that might have on our wellbeing and environment. Our need for constant access is, in short, our vice.

The work encourages the viewer to focus on what we may have lost in exchange for our having what we want, when we want it.

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