Have You Seen Dante?

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Maurizio Anzeri, David Buckley, Justin Eagle, Samantha Donnelly, Clare Kenny and Damien Meade


A group exhibition exploring the human figure and bodily representations within the practices of five artists. Considered from multiple perspectives, the works in this exhibition do not illustrate the figure in its entirety, but gather some sense of it through fragmentations or marks, presenting representations through an anthropological gaze.

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“The human being is this night, this empty nothing, that contains everything in it's simplicity- an unending wealth of presentations, images, none of which occurs to him or is present." G.W.F Hegel, Gesammelte Werke.

Each artist considers the body and representation in a distinct manner, with an interest in how the human form is objectified in contemporary society. They augment our understanding of this depiction, the body often becoming a starting point or 'source material'. The full image of the human form is missing, detached, torn or repositioned, becoming at times a sheer outline or mark of humanness.

Curator Alys Williams

Generously supported by Bordeaux Wine Investments (Private View)

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