As I Look in the Mirror I see You

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Will Kendrick


'As I Look in the Mirror I See You' is a solo show by British artist Will Kendrick on VITRINE Digital. The exhibition presents a new audio-visual, digital installation formed out of the artist's own research which has been inputted into language programmes operating through AI.‍

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As I Look in the Mirror I See You
Documentation of Will Kendrick's solo show 'As I Look in the Mirror I See You' on VITRINE Digital (2022).

Kendrick’s work explores conversations of and with the future, and the shrinking gap between the physical and virtual world, touching on aspects of science fiction and video games. The artist believes that we have in many ways already realised the potential to project our wildest dreams. He utilises elements of collage, film and found documentary, in order to explore the extended language of painting as a digital endeavour, engaging with the medium similarly to the subjects he is conveying. Often exploring ideas through the perspective of the 'machine mind', Kendrick’s work invites the viewer into a world built by an imagined newly sentient digital entity.

‘As I Look in the Mirror I See You’ continues looking through this perspective to reflect on the nature of the network that makes up a machines mind, exploring the idea of copies and the contortion, collation and regurgitation of our own thoughts which, in current deep learning networks, display as convincing reflection of machine consciousness.

The title is an adapted quote written by the machine collaborator of artist, writer and leader of Google's Artist and Machine Intelligence Programmer K Allado-McDowell, in the book Pharmako-Ai. The book is a conversation between Allado-McDowell and the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, popularly known as GPT-3, an advanced language prediction model capable of composing human sentences. For Kendrick's exhibition, the artist has similarly worked as the trigger for language programmes using his own research as the starting point. The output is an audio-visual, digital installation featuring many of its responses as the conversational voice of its own machine main character.

5 NFTs will be dropped through the duration of the exhibition on the platform TEIA - sign up to our mailing list for news on upcoming drops or follow the link below. The artist has also produced a new, physical edition titled 'Tardigrade' made from Jesmonite, spray paint and lacquer, with a hand made custom mount, which is available to acquire through the gallery.

This work marks the culmination of a year-long Fellowship established between the University of Brighton, Manchester School of Art, Bath Spa University and the Freelands Foundation. On this project the artist has worked with the graphic designer and music producer Edison Francis and the 3D cgi artist Tom Johnson. This work has also been made possible by the Omni Colour Artist Award.

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Will Kendrick (b. 1983 Blackpool, UK) lives and works in London, UK. He holds and BA in Fine Art from Bath School of Art (2010) and an MA in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art (2015).

Kendrick has exhibited internationally at institutes including: The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK; The Grundy, Blackpool, UK; Museo De Arte Moderno, Castro, CL; Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, UK; Spike Island, Bristol, UK; Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, UK; MAC, Birmingham, UK.

He has exhibited at further galleries and festivals including: Arebyte, London, UK; Paradise Works, Manchester, UK; Tenderpixel Gallery, London, UK; Glasgow International Festival, UK; Ars Electronica Festival 2018, Linz, AT; Fisher Gallery, Ohio, USA; ROM8, Bergen, NO; Serf, Leeds, UK; Kingsgate Project Space, London, UK; Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford, UK; Fringe Arts, Bath, UK; Bristol Biennial, Bristol, UK; McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, UK; Gossamer Fog, London, UK; isThisIt?, Online; The Wrong Digital Art Biennale 2017, Online; deeep art fair, London, UK (2021 and 2022).

Residencies include: MAM Chiloe Chile (2017); Digital Artist Residency OVADA Oxford (2017)Can Serrat Barcelona Spain (2017); Spare Room Residency Liverpool (2017); Air Sandnes Residency Norway (2016).

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