The Stage Has Eyes

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12:00 pm

'The Stage has Eyes' is a new Music, Performance and Film Festival held on Bermondsey Square and programmed by Edwin Burdis. Performances by Ed Atkins, Edwin Burdis, LongMeg, The Grubby Mitts and Man Like Me on an open-air stage created by Burdis alongside a series of new temporary outdoor sculptures. The event includes the screening of Rollo Jackson's film "Tape Crackers" and screening/performance 'Well, this is embarrassing.' by Heather Phillipson and works by Bonnie Camplin in Shortwave Cinema. Followed by TOP NICE DJing in shortwave bar into the evening!

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Curator: Alys Williams

Programmer: Edwin Burdis

Generously funded by Bermondsey Square Community Fund.

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