Hatchepsut's Handbag

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1:00 pm

A screening curated by John Walter and featuring work by Penny Andrea, Anna Bunting-Branch, Susannah Hewlett, Amy Ruhl, Natalie Welsh and Mary Vettise for Art Licks Weekender. ‘Hatchepsut’s Handbag’ brings together moving image works by six female artists who use humour and a strong narrative voice to make comments about gender, history, the occult, relationships and Feminism.

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Curator: John Walter.

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Penny Andrea graduated this summer from de Ateliers in Amsterdam where she has been exploring the sculptural and narrative potential of video. Her work is characterized by its sharp humour, dry wit and melancholy underbelly.

Anna Bunting-Branch has recently exhibited her work ‘Only Sisters and Daughters’ at Locomotion in London. Her work frequently revisits key moments in the history of female liberation and is characterized by a lo-fi ‘cardboard’ aesthetic, which contrasts with the serious themes she addresses.

Susannah Hewlett’s works in live art, performance and video are typified by satire and strategies borrowed from comedy. Her current manifestation as shopping channel host Chris Titmas is yet another of her bitingly observed send-ups of cultural archetypes.

Amy Ruhl, a recent participant in Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, is a film and video maker based in Brooklyn, New York. Her video ‘How Mata Hari Lost Her Head and Found Her Body’ evokes the subject using surreality and dark humour.Natalie Welsh is a recent graduate of Wimbledon College of Art. Her video installation ‘the Structure demonstrates the Function’ is a hypnotizing narration via modernism into some kind of magic.

Mary Vettise is a master of the deadpan and her videos collapse together strands of her research into the history of art and architecture through a problematisation of material conventions.

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