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12:00 pm

Leah Capaldi’s durational performance ‘Allure’ was conceived for an Art Fair. It was previously presented in both New Contemporaries at the ICA, London, 2011 and for The Catlin Art Prize 2011. This durational performance is presented by VITRINE at Artissima’s performance section of the art fair: PER4M. The work questions the interface between sculpture and performance, it highlights the role of the viewer.

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Throughout the course of the fair, Capaldi employs participants to spray themselves with entire 200ml bottles of Chanel Allure or Chanel Allure Homme perfume and journey undisclosed amongst viewers, adding to the intensity of the environment, walking through the art fair amongst visitors whilst wearing the perfume. Gallery assistants also give scented, gender specific handouts to the public for the duration of the show. Allure addresses ideas of intimacy, propriety and personal space. It questions what we find acceptable in social contexts. 'Allure' is documented with an image of empty perfume bottles and a series of feedback accounts from participants.

Curator: Alys Williams.

This work would have not been possible without the support of:
Martha B
Theda Bara
Helmut Berger
Jonathon Carroll
David Dorrell, Sarabande Foundation
Elephant Magazine
Vilma Jurkute
Jeremy Levison, Art Bermondsey
Rennard Milner
Erin Small, Small Art Advisory
Vena Artistica
Westminster Synagogue
Stephen and Linda Williams
Zabludowicz Collection

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