Journey into the Centre of the Gut

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1:00 pm

A one-day event including talks, screenings and performance examining our primitive relationship to the production, processing and consumption of food. Founded by Joel Gray and Nick Simonin, The Gut Club draws on many collaborators, artists, curators, musicians, actors, gardeners, foragers and butchers who believe that food is, and always will be, at the center of human cultural practice.

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For the event on Bermondsey Square they will be performing fresh recipes and edible offerings to the public free of charge, the food will accompany a series of talks.Including an illuminating talk from Gut Club forager Rupert Burdock, the artist and curator Cedar Lewishon and interviews with Gut Club founders, Joel Gray and Nick Simonin. Introduction to Gastrosophy from philosopher Harald Lemke and contributions from psychologist DrTiina Eilola and anthropologist Amy Godfrey-Smythe.A day to further explore and expand the ongoing research of The Gut Club. Free Wild food salad and foraged gaspacheo from the hills of Gloucestershire served in an ancient hovel. Join us and take part in this edible dialogue! Receiving increasing attention in the art world, The Gut Club was recently featured on BBC2 Culture Show, as well as hosting events at the Southbank’s Hayward Gallery, Focal Point and the James Taylor Gallery in London.

Curator: Alys Williams.

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Aug 2012
Sep 2012

Joel Gray

Group show

Stones, Bones and Mobile Phones

VITRINE, Bermondsey

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