Art Weekend Basel 2021

Kara Chin, Manutcher Milani, Anna Perach and Ilaria Vinci
10:00 am

VITRINE participates in the first edition of Art Weekend Basel which runs from 10 – 11 April, 10am–6pm (both days). VITRINE, Basel's current exhibition 'The Sun and the Moon', will be on view all weekend.

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‘The Sun and the Moon’ brings together four young emerging artists of different nationalities – Singapore/Britain, Ghana/Switzerland, Ukraine/Israel and Italy – who are currently based in the UK or Switzerland. Their works explore folktales or folk methodologies that have derived from a variety of cultures or sources.

The Sun and the Moon are universal commonalities on Earth as each person experiences their risings and settings. As they have always had a significant influence on our lives, their existence has been narrativised throughout history into fables that have been passed down through generations and now form folklores; traditional beliefs, legends and customs of a variety of cultures and peoples. Each artist presented in the show refers to either specific regional folklores, fictional folk aesthetics, or personal and familial histories, haunting our present by folktales and stories from the past and future.

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