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PRESS Charlie Godet Thomas ‘Roman-fleuve’ in ArtAgenda

9 November 2017  |  Press

“Vitrine Basel thus demands mettle from artists; it is never self-evident that their work should be there, entangled in the mesh of a western city. The site—a good example of the erosion of public space by private interests—is already a microcosm of text, images, and architectures operating on many registers at once, engaging differing degrees of attention, influencing readers more or less directly or obliquely. For the exhibition “Roman-fleuve,” Charlie Godet Thomas makes statements with the economy of corporate identity or signage. Two relief works are single words composed in cast concrete letters, some of which have fallen on the ground and smashed, leaving abbreviated versions behind: OH / MOTHER and FRIEND / END (both 2017).”

Review of Charlie Godet Thomas’ “Roman-fleuve” in Art Agenda. Great words about the show and VITRINE’s gallery model. Read more here.

“Roman-fleuve” runs until 3 December at VITRINE, Basel.