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PRESS Sara Gassmann ‘Wetterleuchten’ in up & coming

26 January 2017  |  Press

Sara Gassmann’s solo exhibition ‘Wetterleuchten’ at VITRINE, Basel has been previewed by up & coming. See the piece here.

PRESS Sara Gassmann ‘Wetterleuchten’ in Ron Orp Newsletter

26 January 2017  |  Press

Ron Orp has included the preview of Sara Gassmann’s solo exhibition ‘Wetterleuchten’ at VITRINE, Basel in their newsletter. Read their Basel recommendations here.

PRESS Sara Gassmann’s ‘Wetterleuchten’ in FAD Magazine

16 January 2017  |  Press

FAD Magazine has featured Sara Gassmann’s upcoming solo exhibition, ‘Wetterleuchten’, at VITRINE, Basel. You can read the article here.

PRESS Sara Gassmann interviewed by Traction

11 January 2017  |  Press

Gisela Stöckli has interviewed Sara Gassmann for Traction about her upcoming solo exhibition ‘Wetterleuchten’ at VITRINE, Basel, where she will present a large-scale installation, bringing together her painting, ceramics and installation for the first time. Read the piece here.