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PRESS Ilona Sagar in Is Magazine

4 November 2015  |  Press

Ilona Sagar has an interview in Is Magazine on her current exhibition ‘Mute Rehearsal’ at VITRINE. “I’m fascinated by the bond between the physical, sculptural form and the less tangible effects of video, photography and performance.” Read the full interview here.

PRESS Ilona Sagar in Hype

29 October 2015  |  Press

Hype have reviewed Ilona Sagar’s Current solo exhibition ‘Mute Rehearsal’ at VITRINE. Read more here.

PRESS ‘Mute Rehearsal’ in Artlyst

28 September 2015  |  Press

Artlyst highlights Ilona Sagar’s solo exhibition ‘Mute Rehearsal’ at VITRINE. “Sagar has collaborated with dancers, performers, choreographers, writers and architects, expanding the borders of art practice in order to draw new perspectives on the constraints that a space places on our collective behaviour.” Read more here.

PRESS Ilona Sagar in aqnb

27 September 2015  |  Press

Ilona Sager was featured in aqnb. “The London-based artist opens the show with a new experimental installation comprised of sound, text, photography and performance culled from her examination of online communities like fitness blogging set up to ‘help’ women become more empowered and act ‘acceptable’.” Read more here.

PRESS Ilona Sagar ‘Mute Rehearsal’ in WSI

10 August 2015  |  Press

Wall Street International have featured ‘Mute Rehearsal’, Ilona Sagar’s upcoming solo exhibition at VITRINE Bermondsey Square, in their art agenda. Read the piece here.