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NEWS Tim Etchells at Tate Modern

15 February 2020  |  Coming Events, Latest News

Tim Etchells will oversee a drop-in interactive performance in the Tate Exchange space on level five, on Monday 11 May, 2020 as part of Tate Modern’s 20th Anniversary. More information here

NEWS Tim Ecthells wins Manchester Writing Competition

10 February 2020  |  Latest News

Huge congratulations to Tim Etchells for winning the Manchester Writing Competition for unpublished work. More information here

NEWS Tim Etchells shortlisted for Manchester Writing Competition Fiction Prize 2020

19 January 2020  |  Latest News

Tim Etchells has been shortlisted for the Manchester Writing Competition Fiction Prize 2020. More information here

PRESS Tim Etchells interviewed in The Quietus

28 November 2019  |  Press

“In an immediate sense I’m fascinated with the way that in the real context of the city graffiti, or the slogan t-shirt, or the overheard sentence can have that very vivid and very problematic sort of presence. You don’t quite know what to do with that information. They’re sort of mysterious.”

Tim Etchells has been interviewed by Jennifer Hodgson in The Quietus about his new book ‘Endland’, published by And Other Stories and available now. Read more here

PRESS Tim Etchells new book reviewed in NewStatesman

21 November 2019  |  Press

“What’s the opposite of nostalgia? I ask that question because Tim Etchell’s stories take me back to a time and place I thought I’d forgotten – but I really wouldn’t want to go back there.”

Tim Etchells new book ‘Endland’ has been reviewed by Jarvis Cocker in NewStatesman. Read more here

Jarvis Cocker wrote the introduction to ‘Endland’ which is now available to purchase and is published through ‘And Other Stories’.

PRESS Tim Etchells new book reviewed in The Guardian

19 November 2019  |  Press

“Funny and fantastical, this collection of urban fables turns a broken mirror on broken Britain”

Tim Etchells new book ‘Endland’ has been reviewed by Holly Williams in The Guardian. Read more here

‘Endland’ is available to buy now and is published through ‘And Other Stories’.

NEWS Announcing Performance Exchange

18 November 2019  |  Latest News

As a founding gallery, with over a year in development and an exclusive in FT Weekend, we are delighted to announce a new project Performance Exchange. Happening in July 2020 – with Director Rose Lejeune and partner founding galleries ARCADE, Seventeen and VITRINE – Performance Exchange is a dispersed performance project across commercial galleries in London, some of which will also be hosting performances from international galleries.

Highlighting the work done by commercial galleries to support multi-disciplinary and performance practice, Performance Exchange will create new forms of support for collecting performance art through a three day programme of presentations combined with detailed acquisition information for each work on an innovative digital platform. It will also create cross-sector dialogue on expanding collections through an Acquisitions Fund which will support three UK regional museums to each collect a new work.

VITRINE will present Tim Etchells in the first edition of Performance Exchange (July 2020)

Read more in Melanie Gerlis’ exclusive for the FT “The Art Market, Collecting” here // Follow Performance Exchange here

NEWS Tim Etchells new book of short stories ‘Endland’

4 July 2019  |  Latest News

“A series of cautionary tales for our digital age, Endland is comical and brutal, set in strangely familiar locations that at times seem like Thatcher-era Northern towns under military rule or post-Brexit council estates after a Farage party bender. … These grotesque stories are close to the bone, and help get close to the heart of the times we are living in.”

Tim Etchells will be releasing a new book of short stories titled ‘Endland’ published by And Other Stories on the 19 November 2019. A pre-launch event will be held Drama Studios, Sheffield on 26 October, 3-4pm. The actual launch will be held on Wednesday 27 November at Vout o Renees, London, 6pm-onwards.

More information here