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NEWS Tim Etchells group show at Camberwell Space

8 March 2019  |  Latest News

Tim Ecthells is included in the group show ‘Go With The Flow/Swim Against The Tide’ at Camberwell Space, London. Read more here

NEWS Tim Etchells group show at Kunsthalle Mainz, DE

6 March 2019  |  Coming Events, Latest News

Tim Etchells will be exhibiting in the group show ‘Between Us’ at Kunsthalle Mainz, DE. Read more here

NEWS Tim Etchells is part of the group exhibition ‘Something Common’

25 January 2019  |  Coming Events, Latest News

Tim Etchells will be exhibiting in the group show ‘Something Common’ at Ebensperger Rhomberg. The exhibition runs from 27 January 2019 – 09 March 2019. Read more here

PRESS Tim Etchells ‘For Everything’ reviewed on FAD Magazine

25 January 2019  |  Press

“His work continues to expand on the mechanisms of communication through a revaluation of its values by presenting an optimistic counterpoint to the nodality of networks.”

Tim Etchells solo show ‘For Everything’ at VITRINE Bermondsey has been reviewed by FAD Magazine. Read more here

PRESS ‘If it’s not meant to last, then it’s Performance’ featured in Wall Street International

23 January 2019  |  Press

VITRINE’s upcoming group exhibition ‘If it’s not meant to last, then it’s Performance’ has been featured in Wall Street International. Read more here.

PRESS Tim Etchells is reviewed by Wall Street International

13 November 2018  |  Latest News

Tim Etchells exhibition ‘For Everything’ at VITRINE London has been featured by the Wall Street International. Read online here 

PRESS Tim Etchells in House & Garden’s Frieze Sculpture 2018 Feature

31 October 2018  |  Press

Tim Etchells’ work ‘Everything is Lost’, which is presented by VITRINE in Frieze Sculpture 2018, is mentioned by House & Garden as a “highlight”. Further information here

PRESS Tim Etchells ‘Everything is Lost’ featured on Vernissage TV

15 October 2018  |  Latest News

Vernissage TV has filmed Tim Etchells’ work ‘Everything is Lost’ at  Frieze Sculpture and included it in their 8 minute video. Watch here