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NEWS Charlie Godet Thomas exhibited in a two-person exhibition ‘BELLY UP’ at Lacuna

2 July 2018  |  Latest News

Charlie Godet Thomas will present in ‘BELLY UP’ a two-person exhibition with Bryn Lloyd-Evans at Lacuna, London, opening 12 July and runs until 29 July 2018.

NEWS Charlie Godet Thomas solo exhibition ‘WHAT IS IT, THIS TIME?’ at Lily Brooke, London

28 June 2018  |  Latest News

Charlie Godet Thomas will be presented in a new installation in ‘WHAT IS IT, THIS TIME?’ a solo show at Lily Brooke, London, opening on 3 July 2018.

PRESS Charlie Godet Thomas at POPPOSITIONS in ArtLyst

25 April 2018  |  Latest News

Paul Carter Robinson featured VITRINE and Charlie Godet Thomas as ’10 of the best’ and emerging galleries/artist of note in their round-up piece of Brussels Art Fair and POPPOSITIONS. Read more here.

PRESS Charlie Godet Thomas at POPPOSITIONS in Art Viewer

25 April 2018  |  Latest News

Charlie Godet Thomas’s presentation at POPPOSITIONS Off-fair featured in Art Viewer. Read more here.


NEWS Charlie Godet Thomas collaboration with isthisit? is now LIVE

22 February 2018  |  Latest News

‘Say No More’ is a collaboration between isthisit? and Charlie Godet Thomas which brings together artists – including Tim Etchells – who draw attention to, or bypass altogether, the tricks that words play on us. The selected works point towards the possibilities that arise when the uncertainty of language becomes a subject in its own right. These pieces are punctuated by Charlie’s poetic writings, photographs and literary archival material.

Online here, until until 22 March, 2018.

PRESS Happening Online announces POPPOSITIONS 2018 exhibitors

23 January 2018  |  Latest News

We are delighted to be exhibitors for the second year at POPPOSITIONS 2018, in Brussels in April, with a solo presentation of Charlie Godet Thomas. Full exhibitor list announced by ‘Happening’ here.


PRESS Charlie Godet Thomas’ sculpture commission featured in ‘Cloud Study’ in Cent magazine

12 January 2018  |  Latest News

“As with any January, there is a chill to the wind surrounding us as we wish away the coldest days still to come. A quietly playful addition to the centre of Bermondsey Square, London, is the latest SCULPTURE AT public sculpture commission. Cloud Study (2017) by the British artist Charlie Godet Thomas is a two-metre high weather vane featuring a yellow speech bubble which contrasts the leaden skies above.

A small cloud symbolising bad luck and misfortune follows the cartoon character, Joe Btfsplk, from the American cartoon ‘Li’l Abner’ created by Al Cap that ran between 1934 – 1977, which Godet Thomas is referencing in this artwork. Visually cheerful and warm, Cloud Study depicts an exclamation of triumph over the character’s blues and bad luck despite its mocking tone which reads, “YO’ IS STUCK IN THAR FO’EVER, LI’L GRAY CLOUD!!-“. The words signal a change in his future as the character Joe Btfsplk takes control of his fate and manages to trap the grey cloud that follows him around in a cave. Ironically, later in the comic he is forced to release the cloud once more to save himself, returning to a life filled with gloom.”


Charlie Godet Thomas sculpture commission ‘Cloud Study’ in Cent magazine. Read more here.

PRESS Charlie Godet Thomas ‘Roman-fleuve’ in ArtAgenda

9 November 2017  |  Press

“A roman-fleuve is an ongoing, ambitious narrative; this exhibition frames a moment in a continuum, and some bright objects crystallize. Short, sweet words and gestures—OH—that can overcome the mass of impressions of an everyday city. Thus employed, VITRINE Basel does not define the city’s powers but enables countermovement.”

Review of Charlie Godet Thomas’ “Roman-fleuve” in Art Agenda. Great words about the show and VITRINE’s gallery model. Read more here.

“Roman-fleuve” runs until 3 December at VITRINE, Basel.