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PRESS Wil Murray in STATE

19 May 2014  |  Press

Paul Carey-Kent has written about Wil Murray and his recent solo exhibition at VITRINE in State Magazine “a practice which collages Canada and Germany, painting and photography, object and representation to compelling effect”. View the piece online here.

PRESS ‘Please Boss Remember Me’ in White Hot Magazine

2 April 2014  |  Press

Sophie Hill has reviewed Wil Murray’s solo exhibition ‘Please Boss Remember Me’ at VITRINE Bermondsey Street for White Hot Magazine. “The photograph is emphatically interrupted by the sweep of a brushstroke that reveals a glimpse of another picture – gleeful in its ability to show us more than initially meets the eye.” Read the whole article here.

PRESS Wil Murray interviewed in ZOUCH

28 March 2014  |  Press

Zouch Magazine have published an interview with Wil Murray regarding his current solo exhibiton ‘Please Boss Remember Me’ at VITRINE Bermondsey Street. “This body of work traces the change from an ornate painting practice with collage and photography thrown in to help me see and paint, to an ornate collage practice that mixes painting and photography in both the production of collage materials and in the creation of my work”. Read the whole piece here.

PRESS Wil Murray in Wall Street International

13 March 2014  |  Press

Wall Street International published an article on Wil Murray’s solo exhibition ‘Please Boss Remember Me’. “The exhibition itself quickly demonstrates the hybridisation of mediums that characterises Murray’s practice.” Read more.


13 March 2014  |  Press

THE OFFICE OF FAILED PROJECTS published a write-up on Wil Murray’s solo exhibition ‘Please Boss Remember Me’ prior to its opening. The post emphasised on the strategy of how artist create his works in relate to De Certeau’s formulation of strategies and tactics. Read More

PRESS Wil Murray in Avenir Online

13 March 2014  |  Press

Avenir Online has featured Wil Murray in their recent post. The Canadian artist is currently having a solo exhibition at VITRINE. “Murray emphasizes on how his work aims to be evocative through the piece and its title, giving the artwork a history and a story.” Read more.

PRESS ‘Please Boss Remember Me’ in FAD

6 March 2014  |  Press

FAD have selected Wil Murray’s solo exhibition at VITRINE Bermondsey Street as one of six openings not to be missed for March First Thursdays. See the whole line-up here and view FAD’s article on the exhibition here.