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NEWS Wil Murray exhibited at Art Gallery of Alberta

18 July 2019  |  Latest News

Wil Murray has been included in the group show ‘Re:Calculations’, which features a selection of the museums recent acquisitions of contemporary art by Art Gallery of Alberta, curated by Catherine Crowston. More information here

PRESS ‘If it’s not meant to last, then it’s Performance’ featured in Wall Street International

23 January 2019  |  Press

VITRINE’s upcoming group exhibition ‘If it’s not meant to last, then it’s Performance’ has been featured in Wall Street International. Read more here.

PRESS Wil Murray featured by Paul Carey Kent

21 December 2017  |  Latest News

“Murray combines the locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan at which his family’s circus toured in 1933-43 with the prairie sites on which Japanese balloon bombs fell in 1944-5, in photographs layered behind his personal signifier of exaggerated brushmarks (‘The Onlyes Power Is No Power’, to 2 Jan). I suspect the casual passer-by won’t spot the role of Hoffman’s Novelty Circus, but yes – it’s all a circus in Bermondsey.” Wil Murray featured in Paul Carey Kent’s Bermondsey round up. Read more here.

PRESS Wil Murray in White Hot Magazine

17 November 2017  |  Press

“Murray works directly onto the photographic negatives in camera, to interrupt its exposure. This base is then “filled in” by the photograph taken in the other season as they are merged, developed and reformed again by painting over it using his signature-morphed style. Although you can’t make out any figurative elements in the works, you can see the changes in season through the heritage colors used, as well as their play with hot and cold sensations. The works themselves are still developing through its exposure to light; black paint strokes are painted on the glass windows to interfere with the sun’s gaze, thereby disrupting its reaction with the photographic negatives. By using both dimensions of the space – its white walls and the glass windows into which you see through – Murray alters the works’compositions using sculptural devices such as shadow; as the day progresses the work becomes shielded and exposed. Gallery-as-laboratory is brought into notion here as the space is transformed into an experimental camera.”

Wil Murray THE ONLYES POWER IS NO POWER in WhiteHot Magazine by William Noel Clarke. Read more here.

PRESS Wil Murray in GalleriesWest

8 November 2017  |  Press

“Wil Murray shadow-boxes with painting and photography in The Onlyes Power is No Power, on display in London until Jan. 2. His installation extends the viewing experience, taking advantage of the unusual space and experimental focus of Vitrine, a long, shallow window gallery. Murray painted black acrylic brushstrokes on the windows that enclose and frame his work. They cast shadows into the display space while echoing the process he used to create his five large photographic prints. These works, shaped by their own inherent brushstrokes, are handsome graphic objects with a baroque sense of overlapping histories, techniques and aesthetics.”

Wil Murray featured in Galleries West. Read more here.

PRESS Wil Murray featured in artworks

5 October 2017  |  Press

Wil Murray THE ONLYES POWER IS NO POWER featured in artworks 5 exhibitions to see this month by Kate Perutz. Read more here.

PRESS Will Murray in Canadian Art

7 September 2017  |  Latest News

“To make the five shaped panels, Murray shot double exposures of ten of those sites, once in the summer, and again in the winter, then painted atop the negatives. His broad brush strokes are so dynamic that they almost obscure that landscape, but the stark slivers of it that he reveals speak to his family’s narrow escape.” Read more here.

NEWS Wil Murray contribution to Alberta Biennial in Calgary Herald

30 June 2017  |  Latest News

“Wil Murray is more influenced by literature than by visual art, a fact made clear by the title of his contribution to the Alberta Biennial.

The Onlyes Power Is No Power takes its name from Russell Hoban’s post-apocalyptic novel Riddley Walker. The phrase encapsulates the main character’s revelation during a séance and, as Murray explains it, means ‘power actually lies in not struggling for power, it lies in giving up the idea of power.'” Read more about Wil Murray at Alberta Biennial here.