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PRESS Emii Alrai has been interviewed in YAC

27 September 2019  |  Press

“While working toward the show at VITRINE, I wanted to make new work and merge it with vessels and shapes from previous shows, and in seeing these objects come together reminded me of diagrams of tutelary vessels, sad protectors which guard spaces which often have been looted, or demolished.”

Emii Alrai has been interviewed by curator William Noel Clarke about her solo exhibition ‘Tutelaries’ at VITRINE, London. Read more here

PRESS ‘Tutelaries’ reviewed in Corridor8

23 August 2019  |  Latest News, Press

“Objects whose presence alludes to protection; sculptures attached to a materiality that presents an alien temporality; an installation that could be read as an illegible script from the past.”

Emii Alrai’s solo show ‘Tutelaries’ at VITRINE, London has been reviewed in Corridor8 by writer and curator Angélica Fajardo. Read more here