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PRESS Charlie Godet Thomas mentioned in Forbes

8 October 2019  |  Press

Charlie Godet Thomas’ work ‘Cloud Study (Partner Dance)’, 2019 which VITRINE presented in this years Frieze Sculpture 2019 has been mentioned in Forbes review of titled ‘Frieze 2019 Sculpture Park: Where Nature Meets Art’. More information here

has been featured

PRESS Alys Williams on Resonance FM

24 September 2019  |  Press

Alys Williams, VITRINE’s Founding Director, has been on Resonance 104.4fm discussing Frieze Art Fair, our partition in Frieze Sculpture 2018 & 2019 and VITRINE’s upcoming exhibition ‘NON-STOP-SUPER-DE-LUX’, a solo show by Charlie Godet Thomas.

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PRESS FT Weekend ‘Life & Arts’ highlight VITRINE’s Frieze Sculpture presentation

16 July 2019  |  Latest News

FT Weekend ‘Life & Arts’ highlight VITRINE’s Frieze Sculpture presentation of Charlie Godet Thomas in ‘Critics’ Choice’ feature by Jackie Wullschlager.

“ “My Luck’s Changed” and “A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody” read the cloud-shaped weather vanes, trickling laser-cut raindrops, as they swing together in the wind.
‘Cloud Study(Partner Dance)’ is British-Bermudan artist Charlie Godet Thomas’s pair of whimsical signposts pointing north and south to Frieze’s delightful exhibition unfolding around Regent’s Park’s English Garden. “

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