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PRESS Review of Nadim Abbas ‘Poor Toy’

19 August 2019  |  Latest News

“The gadgets we use seem to exist in an alternate reality in which parts of our everyday life are outlived due to an endless capability to reproduction in continuous similarity and perfection. Through their ultimately standardized existence, our own failure is apparent.” 

– Miriam Stierle’s review of ‘Poor Toy’ at VITRINE, Basel, is published in FAD Magazine. Read here

PRESS Nadim Abbas interview in My Art Guides

10 June 2019  |  Press

“Who hasn’t had that humbling moment in an IKEA megastore, trapped in a vortex of repetition; where life slides into an empty void of meaningless consumption?”

Nadim Abbas has been interviewed about his solo exhibition ‘Poor Toy’ at Vitrine, Basel by Susie Pentelow in My Art Guides. Read more here