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PRESS Let’s Be Brief Feature ‘Have You Seen Dante?’

12 December 2012  |  Press

Let’s Be Brief features VITRINE Bermondsey Street’s inaugural group show ‘Have You Seen Dante?’, featuring Maurizio Anzeri, David Buckley, Justin Eagle, Samantha Donnelley, Clare Kenny and Damien Meade, as an exhibition not to miss this December. See the piece online here.

NEWS: Clare Kenny Group Show

2 December 2012  |  Latest News

Clare Kenny will be paticipating in the group show ‘Lapses’ alongside Sebastien Verdon and Olga Cafiero. The show will take place at SAKS Gallery, Geneva, CH between 17 January and 8 March 2013. For more information, visit the SAKS Gallery website.

PRESS Frieze Publish Article on Bruce Ingram

2 December 2012  |  Press

A new article on Frieze explores Bruce Ingram’s current solo show, ‘Arrangements’, at VITRINE Bermondsey Square. Focusing on his process of reincarnating ‘failed’ artworks, the piece provides fascinating insight into his artistic practise. Read the article here.

NEWS: Clare Kenny Residency at IAAB

29 November 2012  |  Latest News

From January – June 2013, Clare Kenny will be artist in residence on the IAAB Residency at Cite des Arts, Paris. For six months, Kenny will live and work in Paris, producing work in one of Cite des Arts studios. For more information on the program, click here.

PRESS Lancia Trend Visions Feature Bruce Ingram

29 November 2012  |  Press

Bruce Ingram’s solo exhibition ‘Arrangements’ at VITRINE Bermondsey Street is featured online at Lancia Trend Visions. ‘Starting From Scratch: Exhibition ‘Arrangements’ By Bruce Ingram’ explores his practise and the inspirations behind his current show. Read the article here.

PRESS Leah Capaldi Interview

14 November 2012  |  Press

To coincidence with her performances for their Invites show, Zabludowicz Collection have published an interview with Leah Capaldi, where she talks with Ellen Mara De Wachter about the the new work she has devised for the exhibition in the context of her whole practise. Read it online.

PRESS British Council Feature Bruce Ingram’s ‘Arrangements’

1 November 2012  |  Press

Holly Willats, editor of Art Licks, has chosen Bruce Ingram’s solo exhibition ‘Arrangements’ at VITRINE Bermondsey Street as an exhibition highlight for November/ December 2012. See her full selection online at British Council Visual Arts by clicking here.

PRESS Velour Interview Clare Kenny and Natasha Rees

28 October 2012  |  Press

Marking the launch of their duo show at VITRINE Bermondsey Square, Velour Magazine’s Olivia Greene interviews Clare Kenny and Natasha Rees on the making of their exhibition ‘Splitting Metaphors’. Read the full article here.