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NEWS Edwin Burdis at ICA

10 September 2013  |  Latest News

From 13 September until 3 November, Edwin Burdis will be participating in the group show A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now, a offsite project by the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The show features work from 60 influential figures from London’s art scene and will be held at The Old Selfridges Hotel, London. More info.

NEWS Vitrine Represents Edwin Burdis

9 September 2013  |  Latest News

The gallery is delighted to announce its representation of artist Edwin Burdis. Edwin Burdis explores a unique and extravagant fusion between art, music and sub-cultural references, working across painting, sound, sculpture and drawing. His drawings and paintings often set the tone for performances, all part of an on-going compulsion to produce. Visit his Artist Page for further information about his work.

NEWS New Premises

9 September 2013  |  Latest News

In October, Vitrine will be moving from the first floor space in 183-185 Bermondsey Street to the larger, street level space to reflect our expanding program and a successful first year at this address. Vitrine will  launch with a solo exhibition of work by Basel-based British artist Clare Kenny, whose work is a hybrid of photography and sculpture.

‘The Birth Caul’ in Zouch Magazine

6 September 2013  |  Latest News

Zouch Magazine have published a joint interview with Miriam Austin and Adam James, speaking about their exhibition at VITRINE. When asked about the opportunity to present work in VITRINE’s multi-faceted Bermondsey Square space, James states ‘It is a very rare thing to have the opportunity to move so freely between these platforms’. Read more here.

PRESS London City Nights Reviews ‘The Birth Caul’

3 September 2013  |  Press

London City Nights have published a write-up of the performances and film premiere for ‘The Birth Caul’ at VITRINE Bermondsey Square on 31 August. The review calls the work ‘a gripping bit of performance art, enacted carefully, seriously and with attention to detail’. Read the whole piece here.

NEWS John Walter Curates ‘Hatchepsut’s Handbag’

22 August 2013  |  Latest News

John Walter will curate ‘Hatchepsut’s Handbag’, a special screening for VITRINE at Shortwave Cinema in association with Art Licks Weekender. The event will feature works by Penny Andrea, Anna Bunting-Branch, Susannah Hewlett, Amy Ruhl, Natalie Welsh and Mary Vettise and takes place on Saturday 5 October 1-2 pm. More info.

NEWS John Walter in PLAYpark, Aberdeen

22 August 2013  |  Latest News

John Walter has been commissioned by SMART Consultants to create work for PLAYpark, a two-day arts programme transforming the currently inactive environment of Aberdeen’s Rubislaw Terrace Gardens into an artistic space, showcasing a variety of cross art forms in a convenient location. The program runs between 28 and 29 September. More info.

PRESS ‘The Birth Caul’ in One Stop Arts

22 August 2013  |  Press

One Stop Arts have published a review of ‘The Birth Caul’ at VITRINE Bermondsey Square. Reviewer Will Jennings recommends the show, encouraging viewers to ‘plan a visit to see James’ film and performance, taking place over the same afternoon as the second part of Austin’s performance work, on 31 August’. Read more here.