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NEWS Edwin Burdis Video Released Online

23 October 2014  |  Latest News

Edwin Burdis has released the first video component for his exhibition ‘Multiple points in this crude landscape’ at Primary in Nottingham. Titled ‘U.I.B. or A Blue Jean Girl and her Boy Toy Bitch’ the video can be viewed here.

PRESS Edwin Burdis review in This is Tomorrow

15 October 2014  |  Press

This is tomorrow posted a review of Ed Burdis’ sculpture currently at Primary in Nottingham. Read more here.

PRESS Edwin Burdis in FMG Arts

13 October 2014  |  Press

Edwin Burdis discusses his work and his recent residency at Primary, Nottingham, with Fresh Meat Gallery. Read more. 

PRESS Edwin Burdis in The Double Negative

13 October 2014  |  Press

The Double Negative interviewed Edwin Burdis about his residency at Primary, Nottingham. Read more. 

PRESS Jonathan Baldock on Fad

10 October 2014  |  Press

Fad published a short review of Jonathan Baldock’s show ‘Notes from the Orifice’. Read more

PRESS Karen Tang’s Synapsid

8 October 2014  |  Press

Listen to Karen Tang and Alys Williams talk about Vitrine’s first public sculpture here.

PRESS Jonathan Baldock in Wall Street International

8 October 2014  |  Press

Wall Street International published an article about Jonathan Baldock’s exhibition, Notes from the Orifice. Read more

PRESS Wil Murray in Canadian Art

29 September 2014  |  Press

Canadian Art published a review on Wil Murray’s Die Welt in Farben (2014) in their fall issue. Read more