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PRESS Leah Capaldi and Stéphanie Saadé in Traction Magazine

22 February 2014  |  Press

Leah Capaldi and Stéphanie Saadé have interviewed each other for Traction Magazine’s Winter Report. The piece explores in depth the relationship between the two artists’ work in their current duo exhibition, ‘Witness Matter’, at VITRINE Bermondsey Street. Read the piece here.

PRESS Leah Capaldi in Ancient to Future

26 January 2014  |  Press

Ancient to Future have published a write-up of the Arts Foundations Awards on 23 January 2014, where Leah Capaldi was awarded the The Arts Foundation Fellowship for Sculpture 2014. “The sculpture award went to a hugely grateful Leah Capaldi whose work explores the boundaries of performance and sculpture.” Read the piece here.

PRESS Stéphanie Saadé in DAZED DIGITAL

25 January 2014  |  Press

Francesca Gavin has highlighted the work of Stéphanie Saadé and its inclusion in ‘Witness Matter’ in her article ‘Ten girls ruling the exhibition world’ for Dazed Digital. “Using found materials, the Beirut based artist can make anything from a padlock interesting”. Read more here.

PRESS ‘Witness Matter’ in HUNGER

25 January 2014  |  Press

HUNGER TV have reviewed ‘Witness Matter’ at VITRINE Bermondsey Street. The article says of the show “In ‘Witness Matter’ both artists have masterfully illuminated a commonality that connects us all and brings to the fore a recognisable truth that increasingly permeates our daily lives.” Read more here.

NEWS Leah Capaldi Wins The Arts Foundation Prize in Sculpture 2014

24 January 2014  |  Latest News

We are delighted to announce that Leah Capaldi was awarded The Arts Foundation Prize for Sculpture 2014. She was selected by Judges Robin Klassnik, Cornelia Parker and Andrew Sabin for this prestigious award. The Arts Foundation supports emerging talent in the Arts. Whether exploring new avenues or consolidating existing work this £10,000 fellowship has proved crucial in the success of many award winners.

NEWS Stéphanie Saadé in at AKINCI curated by Nat Muller

23 January 2014  |  Latest News

Opening on SATURDAY: Jananne Al-Ani and Stéphanie Saadé in ‘Memory Material’, curated by Nat Muller at AKINCI, Amsterdam. Read more.

PRESS Witness Matter reviewed by Wall Street International

23 January 2014  |  Press

Wall Street International publish an article on Witness Matter prior to its opening – “‘Witness Matter’ invites the viewer to embody the eye of the artist, granting them a privileged glance into the lives of the object, the maker and themselves.Read more. 

PRESS Alys Williams interviewed by Art Vehicle

23 January 2014  |  Press

Adrian Lee talks to Alys Williams in ArtVehicle65 about her practise, the gallery, its development, Bermondsey and forthcoming exhibitions. Read more.