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NEWS Wil Murray in Esse Auction

3 October 2013  |  Latest News

esse Arts + Opinion will auction one of Wil Murray’s pieces in ‘Vendu-Sold’ their fifth annual auction of contemporary Canadian art. There are 40 artists participating in the event, which will take place on November 21st. Murray’s work He Wore It Around Her Neck (2012) can be viewed here.

NEWS Alys Williams in SLAM

30 September 2013  |  Latest News

South London Art Map have interviewed VITRINE director Alys Williams as a voice of Bermondsey. Williams talks about her experiences running a gallery in the area and why it has become London’s newest arts hub. ‘Now you can go to New York, Basel or Hong Kong and people know where Bermondsey Street is; It’s on the global art world map’. See a digital copy here.

PRESS John Walter on STV

28 September 2013  |  Press

John Walter was featured on STV news speaking about ‘PLAYpark’, his project with SMART Consultants and Aberdeen Inspired. “It’s about art projects that people can engage with easily and which over time will accrue to transforming the art scene in Aberdeen”. Watch the broadcast here.

PRESS Clare Kenny in Wall Street International

26 September 2013  |  Press

Natasha Rees has written an article for Wall Street International previewing Clare Kenny’s solo show at VITRINE. For the piece, Rees exclusively interviews Kenny on her new work for ‘Yesterday’s labour is the Future’s folly’ opening at VITRINE Bermondsey Street on 15 October. Rees describes Kenny’s practise as one that “actively plays with our sense of understanding things in the world both in and outside of artistic reality”. Read more here.

PRESS John Walter in The Press and Journal

18 September 2013  |  Press

The Press and Journal have published an editorial piece on John Walter’s projects for PLAYpark alongside SMART Consultants in Aberdeen. ‘The Hallucinatory Zoo 18-hole crazy golf by Colin Priest and John Walter will cast people adrift on to a bewildering new golfing landscape filled with tropical birds, safari beasts and oceanic schools. Meanwhile, the oversized Hattiesburg Chess board by John Walter will be in good company alongside the spectacular carnival games’. Read the whole piece here.

PRESS Vitrine featured in ‘The River’

17 September 2013  |  Press

‘The River’ have featured Vitrine’s program in their Autumn 2013 issue. The article falls as Vitrine announces the launch of its new ground floor premises to the public – ‘Clare Kenny will open the new gallery with a solo show during London’s Frieze week, bringing international collectors into the very centre of Bermondsey’. Visit the magazine’s website to find local stockists.

NEWS Edwin Burdis: The Fruit Machine (A Painting and an Opera)

11 September 2013  |  Latest News

Edwin Burdis will perform ‘The Fruit Machine (A Painting and an Opera)’. The piece is centred around an allegorical painting that depicts how we on Earth use and abuse fruits and resources to fulfil our own desire. The installation and performance piece can be seen at Arnolfini in Bristol. Further artists involved in the performance are: Emma Hart, Richard Scott and Kieron Livingstone. More info.


NEWS Edwin Burdis at ICA

10 September 2013  |  Latest News

From 13 September until 3 November, Edwin Burdis will be participating in the group show A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now, a offsite project by the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The show features work from 60 influential figures from London’s art scene and will be held at The Old Selfridges Hotel, London. More info.