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PRESS ‘Did he fall or was he toppled?’ WSI interview and feature

17 August 2017  |  Latest News

‘Did he fall or was he toppled?’ Kate Enters talks to Lucy Tomlins and Alys Williams about SCULPTURE AT and VITRINE for WSI. Read more here

PRESS Kate Cooper interviewed by Chris Bayley for isthisit? Issue 02

2 August 2017  |  Latest News

“I was also interested in the direct address and this space at VITRINE has this quality. As we previously talked about when we were conceiving the exhibition – VITRINE is in a space that has been part of the huge waves of gentrification in London, next door to private housing, a cinema and supermarket. I like how the work is read alongside these things, with the same vernacular language but also slightly off. For me with the work I make as with the GCI animation I work there is an element of hijacking of this visual language with the work. I like that the work could be an advert in the supermarket or a movie poster.”
Read more here.

PRESS Sarah Burger featured in Swiss Culture in the UK

2 August 2017  |  Latest News

Sarah Burgers current exhibition ‘New Continents, Light Lines’ at VITRINE, London is featured in the Swiss Culture in the UK newsletter.
Read more here.

NEWS Edwin Burdis performance at Sid Motion Gallery

31 July 2017  |  Latest News

A performance piece by Edwin Burdis titled ‘The Amp’ will be presented at the Sid Motion Gallery on Thursday 3rd August at 8pm.
An edition print will be available in conjunction with the performance.
Read more here.

PRESS Sarah Burger in After Nyne

24 July 2017  |  Latest News

“It seems that the space of VITRINE actually gives a new found power and extra layer of meaning to the work towards a new more unexplored area, that touches on themes of commodification- exposing the question of the nature of the connection between the work and the art market.”

Eva Tomopoulou review’s Sarah Burger’s exhibition “New Continents, Light Lines” at VITRINE London in After Nyne magazine. Read more here.

NEWS Clare Kenny in Corridor 8

18 July 2017  |  Latest News

Richard Hughes reviews Clare Kenny’s Industrial Romantic at Touchstones Rochdale for Corridor 8.

“Kenny encourages the viewer to question the truth of reality and speediness of time, conjuring personal memories of different ages within our lives and how they affect who we are in the present. Industrial Romantic in some places relates to the many monotonous aspects of Northern lives, with Kenny quite humbly describing the populace with light-hearted sincerity and sensitivity, paying homage to the sometimes forgotten essences of existence.” Read more here.

NEWS Nadim Abbas Swiss Residency at Osage

13 July 2017  |  Latest News

Osage art foundation and Fundaziun Nairs cordially present “Interval In Space” – A Switzerland/Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Project.

“In early July a group of young Hong Kong artists [including Nadim Abbas] will travel to the village of Scuol in the picaresque Engadin valley in south-eastern Switzerland in order to take part in a residency program and to share information about their artistic practices with a group of artists from Switzerland and Austria…”

Read more here.

PRESS Sarah Burger interview in TRACTION Magazine

30 June 2017  |  Press

“The VITRINE space is a demanding one, one that doesn’t please a possible white-cube desire of anonymous interior walls. The space itself is an entity with which I somehow worked – although from a distance. Beside its’ unwieldy dimensions, which intrigue me, it was also the fact that it is embedded in a public situation that made me think around the tension between its’ limited exhibition area and its’ actual site-taking presence. The shows at VITRINE happen outside. It’s not given where the exhibition starts, you can see it from far away when you walk towards the square. People who work or live in the buildings around see it when they look out of their window. When there is the market on the square, the VITRINE becomes the background scenery of a daily life situation. ” Read more from Sarah Burger in Traction Magazine here.