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PRESS Charlie Godet Thomas at POPPOSITIONS in Art Viewer

25 April 2018  |  Latest News

Charlie Godet Thomas’s presentation at POPPOSITIONS Off-fair featured in Art Viewer. Read more here.


NEWS Maya Rochat’s ‘A Rock Is A River’ at London’s Tate Modern

20 April 2018  |  Latest News

Work from Maya Rochat’s  ‘A Rock Is A River’ series is being shown in ‘The Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art’ from 30 April at London’s Tate Modern. The first major exhibition to explore the relationship between photography and abstract art, spanning the century from the 1910s to the present day. Read more here.

NEWS Nadim Abbas presented at the 2018 Munich Biennale

17 April 2018  |  Latest News

Nadim Abbas will be presented at the 2018 Munich Biennale within the collaborative production Bubble <3 (a co-production with Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart, commissioned by the West Kowloon Cultural District; in cooperation with Connecting Spaces Hong Kong / and the Zurich University of the Arts; and the Goethe Institute Hong Kong). Further information and to purchase tickets.

PRESS Hanae Wilke in Something Curated

11 April 2018  |  Latest News

“Informed by her surroundings and starting with an observation, Wilke constructs sculptures and installations from industrial materials such as metal, pipes, brackets, fibreglass and resin. Through material investigations, Wilke explores weight, tactility, texture, gesture and colour and the ways in which they act with and within space.”

Hanae Wilke ‘Close Quarters’ at VITRINE, London featured in list of April’s cultural high points, spanning London exhibitions, performances, nightlife, retail and more. Read more here. 


PRESS Sam Porritt featured in Frieze Article

11 April 2018  |  Latest News

Sam Porritt is one of the artists involved in the group show curated by, ‘Tipping the Scales’, at Paradise Works, Salford.

The exhibit is featured in Tom Emery’s article ‘In Manchester and Salford, Sustainable Artist-Run Spaces Power Forward’ for Frieze.

Read more here.

PRESS Sam Porritt in Corridor 8

27 March 2018  |  Latest News

“Out of the eleven works on show, ‘the balancing act’ is a motif most literally figured in Sam Porritt’s ‘Muscle Memory’ (2017), in which a clay snake scales a set of stairs. As the show self-professedly attempts to expose the ‘coping mechanisms’ we use to deal with ‘unstable existence’, the stairs transform to a descending escalator in the mind, and the snake undulates: forever toiling, but ultimately stationary.”

Sam Porritt’s work, ‘Muscle Memory’ features in group show ‘Tipping the Scales’ at Paradise Works, Salford. Read the review for Corridor8 by Jordan Harrison-Twist here. 

PRESS Alfie Strong in YAC

27 March 2018  |  Latest News

“Beyond the Pylon of the Pit is the first body of work I’ve made in the last year or so that hasn’t had some direct involvement with another artist, apart from the odd piece in various group shows. I am highly critical of my own work and often have wobbles about its purpose and relevance in general. From the start of 2016, I found the work that I was making was disappointing… I found that I was making work that was repetitive and worse still, lost and empty.”

Great and insightful YAC interview with Alfie Strøng. Last week to catch ‘Beyond the Pylon of the Pit’ at VITRINE London. Read more here. 

PRESS Clare Kenny Documentary by The Lite Room, Switzerland 

6 March 2018  |  Latest News

“I really fought to get to this position and I’m really proud to be an artist.” – Clare Kenny talks to The LiteRoom in a short eight-minute documentary about her work and practice, filmed during the installation of her show at Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland, in spring 2017. Watch here.