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PRESS Alfie Strong in WSI

18 December 2017  |  Press

Alfie Strong ‘Beyond the Pylon of the Pit’ featured in Wall Street International. Read more here.

NEWS Jamie Fitzpatrick ‘Acts of Disruption’ group exhibition at The Concept Space, London

13 December 2017  |  Latest News

Jamie Fitzpatrick’s group exhibition at The Concept Space in London, UK, will open on 19 January 2018 (Preview 18 January 2018). More information here.

PRESS The Manchester Contemporary VITRINE and Paradise Works in conversation

5 December 2017  |  Latest News, Press

Conversation between Hilary Jack (Paradise Works) and Helena Kate Whittingham (VITRINE), which took place electronically in the weeks following The Manchester Contemporary 2017.

Both Paradise Works and VITRINE were selected to participate in The Manchester contemporary 2017, and were invited by Corridor8 to discuss their organisations and participation in the fair as a whole. Read more here.


29 November 2017  |  Latest News

VITRINE featured in today’s BAZ newspaper, discussing our Editions, Basel POP UP SHOP, and CarharttWIP TShirt collaboration. Read more (in German) here.


NEWS Nadim Abbas in a group show ‘interval in space’ at Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China

28 November 2017  |  Latest News

Nadim Abbas is in the group show ‘interval in space’ – the second part of a Switzerland Cultural Exchange Project with NAIRS Foundation – at Osage Gallery in Hong Kong, which will open 15 December 2017. More info here.

PRESS Wil Murray in White Hot Magazine

17 November 2017  |  Press

“Murray works directly onto the photographic negatives in camera, to interrupt its exposure. This base is then “filled in” by the photograph taken in the other season as they are merged, developed and reformed again by painting over it using his signature-morphed style. Although you can’t make out any figurative elements in the works, you can see the changes in season through the heritage colors used, as well as their play with hot and cold sensations. The works themselves are still developing through its exposure to light; black paint strokes are painted on the glass windows to interfere with the sun’s gaze, thereby disrupting its reaction with the photographic negatives. By using both dimensions of the space – its white walls and the glass windows into which you see through – Murray alters the works’compositions using sculptural devices such as shadow; as the day progresses the work becomes shielded and exposed. Gallery-as-laboratory is brought into notion here as the space is transformed into an experimental camera.”

Wil Murray THE ONLYES POWER IS NO POWER in WhiteHot Magazine by William Noel Clarke. Read more here.

NEWS Clare Kenny awarded 2018 New York Residency with Atelier Mondial

10 November 2017  |  Latest News

Clare Kenny has been awarded the 2018 New York Residency with Atelier Mondial, which will take place between February and July 2018 at Residency Unlimited. Read more here.

NEWS Tim Etchells ‘Shown & Told’ performance with Meg Stuart at Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

9 November 2017  |  Latest News

Tim Etchells’ performances of ‘Shown & Told’ with Meg Stuart at Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, from 24-26 November 2017. More info here.