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PRESS VITRINE Basel featured in Schirn Magazine

21 May 2020  |  Latest News

“Four years ago, the Vitrine Gallery, which was founded in London in 2012, and opened an exhi­bi­tion space at Voge­sen­platz in Basel. Its inno­v­a­tive exhi­bi­tion concept also works in times of shut­downs: Visi­tors can view the exhib­ited works 24/7 from the public square through a glass display window. Currently showing are Dries Segers and Suzanna Zak.” 

VITRINE Basel’s current exhibition ‘Our companion, our other’ has been featured in Schirn Magazines article ‘Looking at Art in the Age of Social Distancing’. Full article here

PRESS Forced Entertainment reviewed in The Guardian

15 May 2020  |  Press

“…this is more than a neat parody. In a state of wired exhaustion, the participants map out the slow chaos of our new normal. As with most of Forced Entertainment’s work, there is no narrative, but the gradual repetitions and breakdowns create a layered understanding of isolation.” 

Forced Entertainment’s latest online performance ‘End Meeting for All’, which had its last episode on Tuesday, has been reviewed in the The Guardian. Read the full article here

PRESS Nadim Abbas in My Art Guides

15 May 2020  |  Latest News

“Dear Editors,

thanks for getting in touch. Perhaps I could indulge readers in the negative potential of time spent in self-isolation. My sense in this moment of crisis is that the Internet is already over-saturated with remedies to pass the time, and a certain contradictory anxiety to stay connected, positive, productive… Of course this is understandable, when there is so much at stake. But is it possible still to disconnect? To withdraw and recover a solitude that has become increasingly difficult to locate, amidst the relentless murmur of our devices, both digital and mental? In short, to do nothing! If that proves to be a difficult prospect, then I’m sure we all have tucked away lists of things that we always wanted to do (er… at home), but never had the time. I feel that anything I might add to this list would just be another distraction. At the very least, here is a view from a room that I put together a few years back. Something to look at… I’ll leave it at that.

Nadim (April 2020, Hong Kong)”

Nadim Abbas has contributed to My Art Guides ‘A Room With a View’, a new editorial initiative which aims to illuminate the positive and creative potential of time spent in isolation. Read the article here

NEWS Forced Entertainment’s new online performance

28 April 2020  |  Latest News

The theatre company Forced Entertainment, which Tim Etchells is part of, will be presenting the first of three episodes of an online performance work ‘End Meeting for All’ this evening at 8pm UK time. All episodes will stay online until end of June.

The work can be seen at the websites of the partner organisations on the project: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and PACT Zollverein. View them through this link

PRESS ‘Our companion, our other’ reviewed in Kunstbulletin

28 April 2020  |  Latest News

Translation: “Both artists focus on the relationship between man and nature. They explore where fragility lies with this, and its potential. Coexistence, as between Zak and her dog, which resembles a wild wolf, is documented with photography by the artist. Landscape and space are experienced together in a human-animal manner, and made accessible. Whilst Zak works in a rather pronounced performative way, Segers uses a more conceptual approach, also based in a photographic process.”

VITRINE Basel’s current exhibition ‘Our companion, our other’ featuring Suzanna Zak and Dries Segers has been reviewed in Kunstbulletin by Valeska Marina Stach. Read more here (DE)

NEWS Milly Peck co-edits Ambit Magazine’s 240th edition

23 April 2020  |  Latest News

Milly Peck has been invited by Oliva Bax to co-edit the 240th edition of Ambit Magazine. Peck has conducted interviews, discussed her own practice and produced a free downloadable Gif artwork available for a limited time. More information here

NEWS Charlie Godet Thomas interview with Bermuda National Gallery

23 April 2020  |  Latest News

“I have always been interested in any format where language and imagery meet, be it in illuminated manuscripts, graffiti, subtitles in films, foam funereal letters, in signage or in advertising of different types. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that my dad was a copywriter (who wanted to be a writer) and my mum an art director (who was an artist). Everything pointed to the fact that I would inevitably sit awkwardly between the written and visual arts.”

Bermuda National Gallery have interviewed Charlie Godet Thomas about his participation in the 2020 Bermuda Biennial and wider practice. Read more here.

NEWS Charlie Godet Thomas in HOAX

31 March 2020  |  Latest News

Charlie Godet Thomas has been commissioned by HOAX to produce a new work for their relaunched website. You can view Thomas’ work here