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PRESS Wil Murray in White Hot Magazine

17 November 2017  |  Press

“Murray works directly onto the photographic negatives in camera, to interrupt its exposure. This base is then “filled in” by the photograph taken in the other season as they are merged, developed and reformed again by painting over it using his signature-morphed style. Although you can’t make out any figurative elements in the works, you can see the changes in season through the heritage colors used, as well as their play with hot and cold sensations. The works themselves are still developing through its exposure to light; black paint strokes are painted on the glass windows to interfere with the sun’s gaze, thereby disrupting its reaction with the photographic negatives. By using both dimensions of the space – its white walls and the glass windows into which you see through – Murray alters the works’compositions using sculptural devices such as shadow; as the day progresses the work becomes shielded and exposed. Gallery-as-laboratory is brought into notion here as the space is transformed into an experimental camera.”

Wil Murray THE ONLYES POWER IS NO POWER in WhiteHot Magazine by William Noel Clarke. Read more here.

NEWS Clare Kenny awarded 2018 New York Residency with Atelier Mondial

10 November 2017  |  Latest News

Clare Kenny has been awarded the 2018 New York Residency with Atelier Mondial, which will take place between February and July 2018. Read more here.

NEWS Tim Etchells ‘Shown & Told’ performance with Meg Stuart at Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

9 November 2017  |  Latest News

Tim Etchells’ performances of ‘Shown & Told’ with Meg Stuart at Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, from 24-26 November 2017. More info here.

NEWS Tim Etchells ‘Documents, Alternatives’ group exhibition at Airspace Projects, Stroke-on-Trent, UK

9 November 2017  |  Latest News

Tim Etchells’ work ‘Red Sky at Night’ will be presented in the group exhibition ‘Documents, Alternatives’ at Airspace Projects, Stroke-on-Trent, UK, Friday 17 November 2017. More info here.

NEWS Clare Kenny and Sam Porritt ‘Catch of the Year 2017’ group exhibition at Dienstgebäude, Zurich, CH

9 November 2017  |  Latest News

Clare Kenny and Sam Porritt have works selected in the group exhibition ‘Catch of the Year 2017’ at Dienstgebäude, Zurich, Switzerland, which will open Saturday 25 November 2017. More info here.

PRESS Charlie Godet Thomas ‘Roman-fleuve’ in ArtAgenda

9 November 2017  |  Press

“Vitrine Basel thus demands mettle from artists; it is never self-evident that their work should be there, entangled in the mesh of a western city. The site—a good example of the erosion of public space by private interests—is already a microcosm of text, images, and architectures operating on many registers at once, engaging differing degrees of attention, influencing readers more or less directly or obliquely. For the exhibition “Roman-fleuve,” Charlie Godet Thomas makes statements with the economy of corporate identity or signage. Two relief works are single words composed in cast concrete letters, some of which have fallen on the ground and smashed, leaving abbreviated versions behind: OH / MOTHER and FRIEND / END (both 2017).”

Review of Charlie Godet Thomas’ “Roman-fleuve” in Art Agenda. Great words about the show and VITRINE’s gallery model. Read more here.

“Roman-fleuve” runs until 3 December at VITRINE, Basel.

NEWS Nadim Abbas solo show at Last Tango, Zurich

8 November 2017  |  Latest News

Nadim Abbas’ solo exhibition at Last Tango, Zurich, CH, will open 8 December 2017. More info here.

NEWS Charlie Godet Thomas in Atelier Mondial Exhibition 2017, curated by Alys Williams (VITRINE)

8 November 2017  |  Latest News

An exhibition bringing together work by current and recent international Atelier Mondial (Basel, CH) artists-in-residence: Eduardo Navarro (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Yornel Martinez (Havana, Cuba), Brad Rimmer (Fremantle, Australia), Cao Shu (Shanghai, China), and Charlie Godet Thomas (London, UK).  Curated by Alys Williams (VITRINE London / Basel), this exhibition brings about an opportunity for international artistic dialogue and exchange; important qualities in the ethos of both organisations. Read more here.