Edwin Burdis


1 April 2012 - 14 April 2012
VITRINE Bermondsey Square

Edwin Burdis, Uccica/2012, 2012

Edwin burdis, Uccica/2012, 2012

Edwin burdis, Uccica/2012, 2012

Edwin burdis, Uccica/2012, 2012

An installation combining a large painted mural, sound and performance. A live and pre-recorded sound piece, with a sculptural element the artist will spend the first week in the space installing and painting the mural and the second week de-installing; this process an integral part of the work.

A performance by the artist will take place inside the installation on Thurs 5 April.

A performance within the installation.

“Witness the Fitness (Lovely)”

Burdis’s (b. UK, 1974) recent performances and solo exhibitions include Handle, Manton Studio, Tate Britain; Home Service, Hayward Project Space, London; Longmeg, The Architecture Foundation, London; and The Stage Has Eyes Festival at Vitrine Gallery, London. Burdis’s practice explores a unique and extravagant fusion between art, music and sub-cultural references. His drawings which he exhibits as a backdrop for his performances and which are sometimes created during the event are part of an on-going compulsion to produce.

‘Uccica/2012’ is the second installation in the VITRINE LIVE season. Over eight weeks artists will be invited to produce new live installation works within Vitrine Gallery’s unique exhibition space (a 16 meter wide window on the public square, visible 24-hours). For the first time, performance will activate the main gallery, imbedded in a complex framework of images within this unusual exhibition space. Artists are invited to explore the crossovers in their practice between live art and the visual field. Subverting the premise of performance within its traditions as an ephemeral medium, the gallery will become an integral part of the work as an environment, backdrop or prop to the performance. Meanwhile, the square itself becomes an arena for display.

Curated by Alys Williams.

Funded by The Elephant Trust.