Natural Language [nach-er-uhl lang-gwij]

1 April 2011 - 26 April 2011
VITRINE Bermondsey Square

Adrian Lee, Extracts from Kitchen Notices, 2011

Ant Macari, All about the Benjamins, 2010

Cath Campbell and Miles Thurlow, Tomorrow, 2010

Johanna Hallsten, Interspecies Communication, 2010.

Linda Persson, B4 (before) and Taciturn, 2011.

Nicole Bachmann, Another surface so close to you, 2011.

Richard Battersby and Chris Grieves, Pleasure School, 2011.

Ant Macari_All about the Benjamins

Natural language[nach-er-uhl lang-gwij]’ picks at the intrinsic tendencies of language through an exhibition of works that incorporate text, verbal, and visual mediums. Emerging from the idea of language as a malleable system of complex registers – particularly correlations between written, aural and visual forms, works have been brought together in order to speculate the subtle ‘vice-versa’ current between these common affinities.

Featuring audio, 3D, 2D, 4D, performance and published material, works collectively explore the abstract and often irradicable nature of the ways that language immerse into and transpire from narrative structure- in its widest sense. Artists have been invited to participate in the exhibition for their own investigations into language cross-hybridisations.

The process by which artists engage with language based material will also be explored, whether as a structural strategy; as an instructive aspect or as a means to develop forms of deviance arising from socio/political discourse. Works presented in this exhibition have a link with fiction, autobiographies, political discourse/activity, critical theory, philosophy, psychoanalysis and music. In tandem with with the work in the gallery, guest speakers have been invited to talk formally around ensuing themes from the exhibition. We will also host a screening of artists moving image.

Curated by Natasha Rees.