13 December 2010 - 9 January 2011
VITRINE Bermondsey Square

HYBIRD, 2010 - Ingram, Taylor, Thomas, Tinkler, Rees, Williams

HYBIRD, 2010 - Ingram, Taylor, Tinkler, Rees, Williams

HYBIRD, 2010 - Taylor, Thomas, Tinkler, Williams

HYBIRD, 2010 - Taylor, Williams

HYBIRD, 2010 - Gardner, Ingram, Taylor, Thomas, Rees, Williams

HYBIRD, 2010 - Gardner, Lee, Taylor, Thomas, Tinkler, Williams

HYBIRD, 2010 - Ingram, Williams

HYBIRD, 2010 Installation View

Hybird is an experimental group installation exhibition that explores a challenging and unusual take on the curatorial and collaborative process. Artists in the show are Adrian Lee, Alys Williams, Bruce Ingram, Elly Thomas, Diana Taylor, Katherine Gardner, Kirsty Tinkler and Natasha Rees.

The artists have been invited to produce a work in-situ for Vitrine Gallery. Each piece is planned and developed into a finalised proposed intervention before its installation. Works will utilise as much or as little of the gallery space accordingly, in any area, and in various media. Each of the eight artists will install and work in the space over the same, one day and stick to their plan, despite any interruptions that may occur between art works. In not knowing what each artist will be installing and where, the resulting ‘piece’ will introduce an imposed collaboration where works potentially collide, contradict, overlap and harmonise into the exhibition’s final, entire form. This form will take the nature of collage whilst being a hybridisation of artistic practices between 2 and 3 dimensional works in one, common space.

The role of the curator ends after the selection of the artists, having no input in the development and placement of the work on site, after this selection. The final exhibition will therefore grow intrinsically as the artists install and face the challenges of an imposed cross-pollination between their practices; in turn, this process, perhaps interrogating the artist’s intent and solitary vision. The final exhibition will be the product of an experimental process that, adjacently intends to spur a dialogue about the seemingly unorthodox exhibiting methods, ideas and objectives behind this project.

Curated by Alys Williams. Concept Alys Williams & Rennard Milner.