Richard Gasper

Black Pudding

15 September 2012 - 18 October 2012
VITRINE Bermondsey Street

'What Katie Did Next' 2012, 'Soft Machine Lamp No. 16' 2012.

'Porchcrawler' 2012

'It gets wet like an angel derailed' 2012

'It gets wet like an angel derailed' 2012, 'Blu-Tini Lamp No. 15' 2012, We Go Yoga (Detox Death Juice) 2012, Downward Facing Dog pose 2012.

A solo exhibition of works by London based artist Richard Gasper, for the inaugural exhibition at its new VITRINE Bermondsey Street gallery.

The exhibition comprises new works and works produced during the artist’s tenure of the Sainsbury Scholarship in Rome. Combining sculpture, wall reliefs and print, the work is derived from the idea of the male body and the notion of identity manifested in altered, disrupted, ruptured or rearranged states.

The work of Gasper is driven by his etymological understanding of the term ‘Baroque’, which alludes to a rough or imperfect pearl. For Gasper this misshapen pearl is representative of a dystopian vision, which speaks of warped bourgeois ideals and distorted aspiration. Currently working with materials such as resin, mirrored Plexiglas and polished metals, Gasper’s work is both alluringly seductive and undercut by an edgier, less cohesive aesthetic.

Exploring the contradictions central to the body and our relationship to it, Gasper considers growth and the attainment of perfection through deconstruction, interruption and the use of unexpected contexts. As Francis Bacon’s placement of an abject body into a clean sanitized illusionary interior or Paul Thek’s abject wax replicas of bodily flesh are housed within, and serve to activate, a clean minimal design Perspex container, Gasper uneasily reminds us of the body and bodily function within a sterile arena.

Gasper will be exhibited concurrently at Vitrine Bermondsey Square, more details… ‘The Captain is out to lunch and the sailors have taken over the ship’

Photographer Jonathan Bassett.

Vitrine Bermondsey Street partners with Bordeaux Wine Investments for our Private Views.