Conversation | Make and Take: Charlie Godet Thomas

Saturday 19 December 2015 | 1:15pm - 2:15pm
Bermondsey Square

 Talk at 1:15pm. Shortwave Cinema and Bar.

Charlie Godet Thomas will give a talk on his practice and his current exhibition at VITRINE, Torschlusspanik with curator Alys Williams.

This installation, as with much of Thomas’s work, addresses the way in which strategies for writing poetry or fiction can be used and appropriated as a means by which to make work. Artworks tell the story of their process and origins.

In experiencing the work, one is constantly reminded of the recent presence – and now obvious absence – of the artist. As the cast prints slide from the wall they tell the story of their making yet reveal little about their genesis. Like the ineffectual walking sticks, the viewer is left clutching half of the story.

‘Make & Take’ for Families, Stall at Farmers Market. Between 11am-1pm.

Families are invited to join VITRINE before the talk for our ‘Make & Take’ stall at Bermondsey Square Farmers Market, delivered by professional arts educator Claire Cooke.

Bermondsey Square Farmers Market will run 10am-2pm – for drinks, food and organic shopping!

Generously sponsored by Arts Council England and Diversity Arts Forum.