Screening: Maypole Visions

Saturday 12 April 2014 | 11:45 a.m - 12:45 p.m
Cinema, Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN, London, UK

A screening curated by Gavin Ramsey and featuring work by Dave Charlesworth.

The screening features video work by Dave Charlesworth and amateur films he encountered during his residency at the Yorkshire Film Archive. ‘Maypole Visions’ permits an extensive insight into the footage Charlesworth has used in his all-encompassing ‘Visions from the top of a maypole’, a body of work that consists of film series and book publication, currently on display at Vitrine Bermondsey Square.

At the project’s heart is the 1978 ‘The Fall and Rise of Barwick Maypole’  by ‘Leeds Movie Makers’, which can be understood as a departure point for the narratives in Charlesworth’s maypole project. The film depicts the traditional taking down of the maypole in the centre of Barwick Village seven miles east of Leeds. The 80ft Maypole at Barwick is used within Charlesworth’s work as a means to provide a wider vista of the Yorkshire region and a flattening out of the traditional editorial role of the archive as the selection crosses different dates, media formats, subjects and locations.

Other works within the screening examine the output of various amateur film groups but also of individuals within the yorkshire region such as ‘Crash Spectacular’ by the Mercury Group. ‘Kelly’s Eye’ by the Oval Group and ‘Short Stop’ by BV Edgar. The screening will also include films about lost villages and cooling tower demolitions and walking. Each of the film works has been selected for their various depictions of the Yorkshire region but also for particular aesthetic and sonic qualities which lent themselves to the scifi and psychedelic tones of the residency output.

RSVP essential – email to book seat in cinema. Priority booking for VITRINE Friends & Patrons.