Screening: Alexandra Hopf

Friday 7 December 2012 | 18:00
Cinema, Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN, London, UK

Screening of Hopf’s films ‘…oder sollte dies eine unbekannte Mauer sein?’ and ‘Future Show’.

Alexandra Hopf’s ‘A Future Show’ is the reconstruction of a fictitious exhibition of the same name in New York in 1948 whose exhibits are no longer available in the original. Hopf creates several nested planes of perception in which fragments from the theory and philosophy of perception, from psychoanalysis, design, film, theatre and exhibition history are reflected. “Future Show” draws on Surrealist modes of display formulated by designer Friedrich Kiesler, recruiting it as an allegory for contemporary display, artifice and the generation of desire.

The video work “…. oder sollte dies eine unbekannte Mauer sein?” („… or should this be an unknown wall?”) resembles an archive of pictures, combining style icons of design and architecture, archive photos of twentieth century theatre and film, as well as scientific recordings in the staging of a lucid dream. The individual images are sequenced and blended together so as to produce additional afterimages.

“The image is a wall: Tele-vision. Categorical instability. Here is a collection of images, of photographs of and as things, for which the organizing principle is unclear, or a dark art. Archaic, archaeological, historical, modern, a series of submersions or emergings, personal publics. As slowly as an image emerges from behind the one we’re looking at it as if the first were a veil through which we’ve moved. Images are staged as objects, flattened into a plan for an exhibition space, furniture as stage sets, dancers as abstract shapes, a symbolic order pointing to an elsewhere of things that were at once there, found, collected and now might be anywhere but which have nonetheless been made equally hieroglyphic. The museum without walls rendered through an imaginary proscenium arch. An archive and its dramatis personae, dramaturgy without a plot.”

Ian White, writing on Hopf’s film ‘….oder sollte dies eine unbekannte Mauer sein?’

Screenings at 6pm
‘A Private Collection’ Private View Installation: 6pm -9pm