Screening: The Lewton Bus ‘Coming Soon’ (Part One)

Tuesday 7 February 2012 | 6pm - 0am
Cinema, Bermondsey Square

An opening event and screening. ‘Coming Soon’, the first exhibition of the two-part group exhibtion The Lewton Bus, presents a curatorial intervention in Vitrine Gallery accompanied by new video work by the artists in Shortwave Cinema at 6.45pm for one evening only, with DJs till late.



Jeremy Millar ‘The Writing of Stones’. 5’40”. 2011.
Katie Goodwin ‘Bang Bang’. 2’45”. 2011.
Melissa Bugarella ‘Composition for Lady in Red’. 4’39”. 2012.
Alasdair Duncan and Matt Verdon ‘To Construct Moving Relationships out of Brute Materials’. 6’00”. 2011.




DJs Trevor Kiernander and a/tt(a)c