Screening | Gerard Ortín

Thursday 18 April 2019 | 7pm - 9pm
Kino Cinema, Bermondsey Square

“There is something profoundly “original” about this film: origin of the oral history, origin of the species, origin of the nature, even origin of the cinema. Because, what else is needed to begin a story other than a wolf’s night howl? From that primitive moment on, everything is possible. As the film advances, layers and stories are added, and the idea of the original-origin, the pureness, is transformed into something else, much like it happens in any good tale. It’s about mixing: bloods, species, stories, images, sounds, possible films and memories from the valleys and mines of Carranza (Biscay). Until the night, the howling, the wolf arrives again. Muybridge would have dreamed about photographing a Canis Lupus paws moving. The dream turns real here.” -Víctor Iriarte

VITRINE and Kino Digital are delighted to present the second in a new series of screenings hosted by Kino Digital on Bermondsey Square. This series of screenings will be exploring how our changing relationship to an unclear present opens up speculative imaginaries in which to explore uncertain futures.Our second screening will be Gerard Ortín’s film ‘Perrolobo (Lycisca)’.

In the artists own words ‘Perrolobo (Lycisca)’ “proposes a fragmented journey across the Valley of Karrantza; a catching dog breed contest, an automatized milking machine, the sound of a conch shell used by a sheppard to scare the wolf or a cave discovered after the explosion of a stone quarry… Through a “landscape of relationships” the lm brings these frictions to the fore, the accents and shadows of a changing reality where speaking of domestication is as fully inappropriate as talking about purity or some natural state.”

Ortin’s film is a haunting account of our changing, and at times paradoxical, relationship to the animals that we try to manage. Made within the frame work of ‘Agency of Living Things’, which explores communication amoung living organisms, Ortin gives agency and a voice to animals with which we share a close reliance.

VITRINE x Kino Screenings is curated by William Noel Clarke.

Gerard Ortín, Perrolobo (Lycisca), 2017. Video, audio, 45’00”.

This film is rated a 12A.


Artist Biography

Gerard Ortín (b.1988, Barcelona) lives and works in London. He has a bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and an MA at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Ortin has exhbited and been screened at: Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, ES; Tabakalera, Donostia- San Sebastián, ES; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, HL; Of ce for Contemporary Art, Oslo, NO; Anthology Film Archives, New York, US; Zumzeig Cinecooperativa, Barcelona, ES; Xixón International Film Festival, Xixón, ES; D’A Film Festival, Barcelona, ES.